Savvy Garden 2013: Zucchini

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There is an old tradition of slipping your family, friends and neighbors some summer squash whenever you can manage, because home gardeners are usually drowning in zucchini and summer squash around this time of year.  In fact, August 8 is the official “Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Night.”

You know who will not be participating in that holiday? The Savvy Household.  Because somehow, zucchini seems to be one of the only things I cannot successfully grow.

The other one? Peppers. I think it just doesn’t get sunny and hot enough in the backyard for long enough.

The first year we were in the house, my zucchini plants got a bad case of powdery mildew and had to be tossed before any vegetables formed.  Last year, they were attacked by bugs, and I again got zero zucchini.  This summer, my zucchini plants were lush and leafy. I cross-planted them with borage and nasturtium to help with the bugs, and everything seemed to be going well.  Except, the female flowers never seemed to open.  The result? Tiny 2″-long zucchini-to-be that withered and died because they never got pollinated.  

Sad face.  However, I have been getting a ton of cucumbers (5 last week alone, and plenty more babies on the vine) and the beans have started coming in.  I’ve never had more basil, and I just harvested the garlic and shallots.  And I think I’m going to throw in the towel on the zucchini this week and plant some carrots and salad greens in their place.

How is your gardening going?


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    Sorry about your zucchini! There is an endless supply of zucchini at my CSA, luckily there are endless number of zucchini recipes too 🙂

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    Sorry about your zucchini. I am having the same trouble this year, although in past years zucchini has grown quite nicely. I’m not sure what is different this year, but the female flowers have been opening up in the past week, so hopefully I’ll see some soon.

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    Our tomatoes are doing great but not so much for the hot peppers. Last year was a bust for both cucumbers and zucchini but others in our garden have those thriving this year making me wish I had tried again. I need to get some planting done for the fall soon but I can’t decide what I want to grow.

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    Isn’t it so sad? The fact that I can’t grow eggplant or cucumbers doesn’t bother me as much as that darn zucchini. Because EVERYONE can grow zucchini! At least the rest of your veggies are looking good–I forgot to plant my garlic last fall, but this fall I will! 🙂

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      Right? So frustrating. I don’t know if I’m going to try again next year or not…maybe a different variety of summer squash?

      And that reminds me that I need to order my garlic!