Savvy Preserving: Future Canning Plans

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I have a backlog of vegetables in my refrigerator to process, can and freeze.  There is a container of pureed sungold tomatoes, lemon juice, brown sugar and spices on the top shelf of the refrigerator, waiting to be simmered down into preserves. A bag full of cucumbers and a bunch of dill are tucked into the second shelf, destined for dill pickles.  On the bottom shelf, I have a container of peach pit juice to be jellied. And the drawers hold multiple mesh bags of zucchini to be sauteed and frozen. 

All this to say, I don’t have a new canning recipe for you today. I’ve been sick this week, and yesterday was the first day since Sunday evening that I’ve been able to get up from the couch without feeling like I might pass out.  It didn’t seem like a good state in which to try to preserve food.  What I did do this week was flip through my canning books and my favorite preserving sites, bookmarking recipes to make when I was well again.  

So to that end, here’s what everyone else is making that I am inspired by, and my future canning plans:

Indian pickled green beans (from Local Kitchen).  My first attempt at pickled beans last year came out way too vinegar-y, and I’m determined to try again this summer.

Corn salsa (from Mother Earth Living/ Put ‘Em Up). Dan and I are both obsessed with the corn salsa from Trader Joe’s.  Since the nearest store is a two-hour drive away, this is clearly a problem.  Solution: I’ll make my own!

Modified pirate peaches (based off of Local Kitchen).  I’ve already made the original recipe for pirate peaches, and it is like magic on a spoon.  My friend had the genius idea to replace the rum with the maple Crown Royal she bought for Canadian Root Beers.  This is happening tomorrow, obviously.

Tomato salsa.  I have multiple recipes bookmarked (this one from Well Preserved, for starters), but I haven’t decided which one I’m actually going to make yet.  I just know we go through a lot of salsa. I also find it kind of funny that I’ve gone from canning no salsa, ever, to making three varieties in one summer: peach, corn and tomato.

Hot pepper jelly.  My gramma sent us a jar of her hot pepper jelly at Christmas last year, and we loved it, especially Dan.  So I’ve asked for her recipe, in hopes of making a full batch for us!

Candied-pickled apples with star anise. This recipe from Canning for a New Generation sounds fabulous. I want these on a cheese plate or with some roast chicken or pork.

Pickled onions. Mostly because I love the pickled onion chutney our neighborhood Indian restaurant offers as a condiment.  Now I want some pickled onions to serve with spicy food and tacos!  Still need to figure out the exact recipe I want to use, though.

Bonus: Printable chalkboard-style freezer and canning labels.  These are adorable, and I can’t wait to make them!

What new canning and preserving recipes do you have on your to-make list?

Pssst. Some of these links are affiliate links. I only ever recommend products and books I truly love and use myself and think you will love too!


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    I just picked up 15 pounds of cucumbers from our CSA today. Lots of pickles happening around here tomorrow (Brian eats them at a rate rivaled only by the rate at which I drink tea).