Savvy Selections: 09.25.10.

Welcome to my weekend series, Savvy Selections. Every Saturday, I share my favorite posts from other blogs from the previous week.

This week, I’ve been reading…

Anna wrote a fantastic post about why we all should have a seed catalog…regardless of whether or not we garden/farm.

Katie talked about not being intimidated by yoga, and reminds us that NOBODY is a yoga “expert.” Even yoga teachers are students of the practice!

I totally want to make this white pizza from Brown Eyed Baker… and NOT fail at it like my last pizza attempt!

Apparently, there are now REUSABLE canning lids, and they got great reviews from Food in Jars. I totally want to try these!!

Jenna’s post on “Why I Bake” drove me straight to the kitchen to make some cookies and biscuits!


I now want to get some cinnamon pear vinegar. And I blame Jessica. 😉

And my favorite post of the week:

Heather’s “Reminders from Scarlett O’Hara: 4 Things Scarlett O’Hara Reminded Me About Healthy Eating.” Seriously. Go read it.

What were some of your favorite posts on other blogs this week?


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