Secret Recipe Club: Rosemary Honey Peanuts

SRC Peanuts 1

This month, my Secret Recipe Club assignment was Six Kilos of Pumpkins, and I chose to make her rosemary honey peanuts, thinking they would be a good travel snack for my train ride to NYC for the Cookbook Conference this past weekend. Unfortunately, they came out a little too sticky for me to bring with me, but I know Dan enjoyed them while I was gone!  He said that they would be great to snack on while watching a baseball game.  Not that he’s excited about the upcoming season or anything.

Secret Recipe Club


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    I love your cute baseball plate! I’m a big fan of spiced nuts and think I might give these a try. I’m stopping by from SRC but I’d love if you check our my new site February is oranges month so if you have any orange recipes, we’d love if you’d link up!

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    you had me at rosemary:) i concur with the cute plate remarks! hope your ride was great, even if it wasn’t powered by these awesome nuts.

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    Funny! I made a roasted nut SRC recipe in Feb (last week’s reveal) too, although it was a spicy pecan deal. I adore peanuts, though I can’t quite imagine them with rosemary. I’ll have to play with her recipe.