How to Store Crackers

How to Store Homemade Crackers on Savvy Eats

Now that we’ve learned how easy it is to make your own crackers, let’s talk about how to store them so that they don’t get soft and stale. You’ve just saved money on ingredients and cut out all the additives and chemicals – don’t let that work go to waste!

I tested four methods of storing my cheddar snack crackers this week:

  1. Zip-top plastic bag, kept on the countertop.
  2. Zip-top plastic bag, kept in a dark cabinet.
  3. Plastic storage container, kept on the countertop.
  4. Plastic storage container, kept in a dark cabinet.

At the end of three and four days, I tested a few crackers from each storage method. The crackers from the containers were noticeably crispier than the ones that had been stored in the plastic bags. I suspect this is due to the fact that the plastic bags are much more permeable to air and moisture than the containers.  There was no real difference between the crackers stored in the dark versus the light.

Moral of the story? Here’s how to store crackers:

Store them in plastic storage containers (glass jars would work as well – they also aren’t very permeable) for up to four days. Easy peasy!

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