Oven-Dried Tomatoes

Tomatoes for Oven-Drying // Savvy Eats

Tomatoes are at their peak here (i.e.: they finally cost less than July’s $5/pound), and I’m determined to find some new ways to preserve them this year. Last year, I made some salsa and froze some tomato paste, but did most of my tomato canning in the form of crushed tomatoes. That’s all well and good, but a lot of nights, I don’t want to have to cook my crushed tomatoes down into sauce – I just want to open the jar and have it be ready to use! So I’m trying some new things, like oven-drying tomato halves and packing them in oil. We’re loving these! To up the ante, I threw in some garlic cloves about half-way through. We ended up with spreadable roasted garlic that both infuses the tomatoes and oil with flavor, and is great spread on fresh bread. Oven-Dried Tomatoes on Savvy Eats The only downside is that since these tomatoes are packed in oil, you can’t process them in a water bath canner. But! They freeze beautifully (just make sure to leave enough headspace in your jars – at least 1/2”), so you can still save some for winter. Just stick them in your fridge for a day or so to defrost.

To see how I made these oven-dried tomatoes, visit recipe.com !

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Blueberry Basil Vinegar

Blueberry-Vinegar-HorizFinishedI’m constantly on a quest to find new ways to preserve my summer produce. I make jam and preserves, of course, and my freezer is always well-stocked with frozen berries for smoothies and winter oatmeal. I love to infuse my own alcohols, and recently branched out into shrubs. This summer, I’m playing around with infused vinegars, too.

Infused vinegars are so versatile, both in their flavoring and usage. Try them in your salad dressing, stirred into lemonade, or mixed into a marinade for your next cookout. I’m loving this blueberry basil version right now!

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