The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches {A Giveaway}

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Let the birthday giveaways continue!

At Camp Blogaway, I had the pleasure of eating several meals with Susan of Foodblogga. Her blog is one of those that I adore from the moment I discover it, and want to go back and read all the archives.

When she brought out a box of her recently-published book, I couldn’t resist buying one of each. Partly because I love supporting my favorite bloggers, and largely because the concepts are so fun and unique. Recipes Every Man Should Know went to Dan, in the hopes that he’ll learn some skills and help me in the kitchen…or make me a meal himself. πŸ˜‰

And the Encyclopedia of Sandwiches? Well, that’s for one of you. Though I went through a moral dilemma as I flipped through it on the plane on Sunday; I wish I had bought a second copy for myself!


I know, you’re probably thinking, “A book about sandwiches? Really? Doesn’t everyone know how to make a sandwich?”

Well, yes, if you want to limit yourself to PB&J and basic ham and cheese sandwiches.

But if you want to know the history or story behind each sandwich? You need this book.

And if you want recipes for ethnic sandwiches, like the Vietnamese Bahn Mi? You need this book.

And if you want to feel inspired by sandwiches like the proscuitto and fig sandwich? You need this book.

And if you want something completely new and decadent, like a pound cake sandwich or banana split sandwich? You need this book.

Are you getting the picture?

And are you realizing you want a copy of this book? Then you’re in luck, because I have a signed copy of the Encyclopedia of Sandwiches for one of you!

To enter, leave a comment telling me your favorite type of sandwich. I’ll choose a winner on Thursday!

And don’t forget to enter my two scone giveaways!

*This giveaway is now closed. Please click here to see if you’re the winner!*


  1. Larissa says

    awesome! i love sandwiches! I love a turkey and cheese hoagie with pepper lettuce tomato onions.

  2. says

    Who doesn’t love a sandwich with some inspiration behind it!?! What a wonderful idea for a cookbook. I like cookbooks that read more like stories as opposed to just long lists. So, this one seems right up my alley. So glad I stumbled onto your blog today!

  3. says

    Lately I have been CRAVING a grilled cheese, but a very specific version: mozzarella, sundried tomatoes and pesto. Not gonna lie though, my fave traditional sandiwch is a pb&j.

  4. Emily H. says

    My favorite sandwich would probably have to be grilled cheese, but with brie, apples, and raspberry jam. It’s divine!!

  5. SunnySeedLisa says

    I have two!

    Peanut butter and strawberry jelly on thick cinnamon swirl bread, and sliced smoked turkey with bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and mayonnaise on a croissant. Delicious!

  6. says

    There is this local restaurant here in town called sub shop, and they make the most amazing Veggie sub on rye. It’s my favorite!

  7. Anna says

    My favorite sandwich starts with toasted whole wheat bread, with avocado, cucumber, spinach, tomato, bean sprouts and pickles! Could it it all day, every day!

  8. says

    I’ll tell you my boyfriend’s favorite sandwich, since he’s the one who will want this book if I win it! haha. He LOVES a classic club sandwich, it’s his go-to sandwich that he always tries as the first thing at a new restaurant that has a big sandwich menu. He kinda hates how in California, they’re always the Cali Club with Avocado! hahaha.

  9. Marisa says

    My favorite sandwich is simple! Turkey, sprouts, lettuce, onions and of course mayo!! I clearly need this book to widen my sandwich range.

  10. Jessica says

    right now my favorite sandwich would have to be tuna with greek yogurt, mustard, peppers, and cheese – toasted into a tuna melt!

    I’m planning on attempting with cottage cheese to see how it turns out too!

  11. Cari says

    one of my favorite sandwiches is a twist on grilled cheese: whole grain bread, cheddar veggie “cheese”, and cooked onion and granny smith apples :). yum!

  12. Kelley says

    Hey Jules! How does it feel to be 24 πŸ˜‰

    Well, it totally depends on the mood, like whether I’m feeling like I want to eat healthy or not… haha. But I just recently had a Monte Cristo (French toast bread, ham, turkey and swiss dipped in real maple syrup) and I almost died and went to sandwich heaven. So right now, I say that one.

  13. says

    My absolute favorite summer panini is mint, feta and black plum on yummy crusty bread, made on my George Foreman! mmmmmmmmmmmm then I dip into balsamic glaze. mmmmmm

  14. Joanna says

    Oooh! So looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of Susan’s book. Her Italian Chicken Cutlet Sandwich with Broccoli Rabe (I hope it’s in there) is to die for!

  15. Jenn says

    I don’t think I have one particular favorite sandwich. I love a sandwich that has flavor and texture. Like the hummus, tomato, lettuce sandwich on toast (sometimes I will add a meat). or a sandwish wrap that I make. It begins with a WW lavash, spread a cilantro yogurt spread, a little onion, a little grated carrot. Grated cheese. Some peppercini’s for added pop, meat and lettuce and roll. Divine!

  16. Liz M. says

    Sandwiches are seriously my favorite food! They are so versatile and you can make almost anything into a sandwich. I love veggie sandwiches. Grilled eggplant with cheese and tomatoes is probably my favorite. Though I do love a good turkey sandwich. Usually only get those from a deli though.

  17. says

    I eat sandwiches every day at work! But my favorite (when I go out) is a roasted portabello mushroom cap with arugula, tomato, and melted provolone cheese! YUM.

  18. Alison says

    I love turkey sandwiches, or vegetarian subs from Jimmy Johns, or the very unhealthy but super delicious seafood sub from Subway

  19. says

    My favorite sandwich is super fresh wonder bread (awful I know) with pickles and veganaisse and spicy mustard. Such a useless sandwich and yet so incredible!

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