The Little Things #16

So often, we get caught up in our day to day routines and forget to appreciate the little things in life.  In my Little Things series, I like to honor the details that are making me happy today, and ask you to do the same!

The Little Things making me happy today are…

1. Went on my second bike ride since getting over my virus. My knees are still a touch achy, but I got in 19.5 hilly miles!

2. All the wonderful response I got to my “Lonely Struggles” post yesterday, including getting in touch with some fellow Ithacans!

3. Huge mug of pumpkin chai tea.

4. Less than 2 weeks until Italy!

5. We found someone to watch Dan’s pet birds while we’re gone…one less thing to take care of!

6. My new food processor arrived today! I accidentally knocked my mini one on the floor a few weeks ago and it cracked, so when Ashley posted about an amazing deal Macy’s was having for the Cuisinart 11 c. processor, I jumped on it!

7. I am starting to run low on nut butter, but now that I have a processor again, I can make my own.

8. Pretty produce.

9. This is the first fall since 2005 that I haven’t been in Madison for football season, and I miss it! Taylor wrote an amazing recap of what tailgating on game day is like, and it made me smile to read it.

10. In Taylor’s post there are pictures of a) the house I lived in the summer after my freshman year and b) some of my former students from when I was a Student Assistant for the Intro to Engineering course!

What little things are making you happy today?


      • Jen says

        Unfortunately I do not still live in WI…I live in Seattle. FORTUNATELY, I get to Wisconsin multiple times a year! Xmas, weddings, other family & friends time.
        I think anyone who is from Wisconsin or spent any time there is automatically cool.

        • Julie @savvyeats says

          That’s awesome! I just graduated from Madison and now live in NY, so I think anyone from Madison is pretty awesome, too. 😉

          My brother-in-law lives in Olympia, so we might need to meet up when we visit him next year!

          • Jen says

            You can definitely give me a call when you find yourself in Washington! My work number, 206-838-3919….
            Also, I am from NY!

    • Julie @savvyeats says

      I love cooking with purple beans because it feels like “magic” when they change color while cooking! 😉

  1. says

    Little things making me happy today:

    -It’s thursday.
    -i have a wonderful to do list for this evening.
    -i am getting out of work an hour early which leaves time for a RUN, and still a bit of time at the shop.
    -i dont have to work at the store tonight.
    -large bottle of merlot sitting in my kitchen. which i received as a gift. free wine is the best wine.
    -the fact that i just gave myself 7 minutes to read blogs and the only posts i’ve actually read are posts by you.