The Little Things: #42

Too often, we get caught up in our day to day routines and forget to appreciate the little things in life.  In my
Little Things series, I like to honor the details that are making me happy today, and ask you to do the same!

The Little Things making me happy today are…

1. Receiving a big box of canning jars from my gramma last weekend. Some of them are even different shapes and styles than my regular jars, so it will be fun to add some variety.

2. I spy little baby tomatoes. The sungolds are up to their final size, so hopefully they will ripen soon and I can make some sungold preserves. We’re running low!


3. We won our dragon boat race on Saturday! And I now feel back and shoulder muscles that I didn’t know were there.  
4. There was a HUGE sale at the local fabric store, where the entire inventory is extra material donated by community members. $10 for a grocery bagful of fabric!
5. On Sunday, we picked 11 pounds of cherries, 3 pounds of raspberries and 10 pounds of blueberries. Be ready for some fruity recipes!
6. Ashley was awesome enough to send me the great blogging pants a few weeks ago!
So far, the pants have gone from Faith –>Hangry Pants –> Chandra –>Run, Eat, Repeat! –>Healthy Tipping Point –>A to Pink –>Then Heather Said –>Healthy Ashley –> Ashley–> me, and are now on their way to Brandi!


I chose Brandi because I’m pretty sure it is a crime that we’ve never met in person and live so far away from each other… we have so much in common, and I know we would be the best of friends if we lived nearby!

What Little Things are making you happy today?

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  1. sheenramirez says

    Every little things must be appreciated in order to live life in a smooth and harmonious way. If we are craving for the BIG things too much, we can’t see good at all.