The Little Things #58


It was a busy weekend, one in which Dan and I spent very little time together. He was busy with baseball, and I was preoccupied with getting the garden cleaned up and planted.  So we took the time to make dinner together on Sunday.  

While Dan grilled the ribs from the Piggery, I made a ramp pesto and some crostini and bruschetta.  We served everything with a side salad of lettuce picked from our cold frames.  The lettuce leaves are still babies, sweet and tender enough that all they needed was a little bit of Garlic Gold balsamic vinaigrette.


We ate outside, talking about our weekends and admiring the new marigolds, sage and rosemary I had planted.

What little things made you happy this week?




  1. Breanna says

    Yum! That really is one nice meal. Those lettuce leaves made my mouth water.