The Little Things #59

Two of our favorite game-night friends, Adam and Laura, moved to Virginia last month.  We’re bummed because they were always down for dinner and game playing late into the evenings.  Plus, they’re the ones with the huge game collection.

They moved the bulk of their things at the very beginning of May, then came back two weeks ago to get the last few boxes and clean the apartment.  This left them with plenty of free time in the evenings, so we had 3 last game nights in the space of 5 days.

Monday night, we picked up Ned’s pizza (the best in Ithaca!) and the four of us played Agricola all evening.  Pete and Katie joined in on the fun on Waffle & Game Night Wednesday, complete with peanut butter banana waffles, Pandemic and Thunderstone.

Friday was the last hurrah– more Ned’s pizza along with Milles Bourne, Oz Fluxx and one last round of Thunderstone.

I guess this is the final push for us to start building our own game collection– we’re starting with Oz Fluxx and Pandemic, adding them onto the games we received from our Wisconsin game-night friends, Mike and Courtney, as a wedding gift.

We love our game nights.  Low-key, no-fuss food is key — we’re much more focused on our games and conversations with great friends.  It is all about appreciating the little things.




  1. says

    My friends and I are huge game fans.

    If you’re looking to expand your collection you should check out Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow and DiXit Odessy. Werewolves is a really fun game for a larger group (you can play with 4 – 6 people, but it really starts to gets fun with 8 – 10,) and DiXit is a fun, slightly odd game that’s especially great for creative people.

    • Julie says

      Thanks for the recommendation. We’ve played DiXit with Adam and Laura and enjoy it — even though I’m really bad at it! 😉

  2. Adam says

    We miss you too! It’s great to be at home, but neither of of our families are very into games. We should try to get something going online.