The Little Things #61

It isn’t easy to met people who aren’t students in a small college town. I wrote once, nearly two years ago, about my struggles to make friends in Ithaca.  I’ve come a long way since then.

Last week, my book club had our first “official” meeting. We met at Megan’s to talk about Ann Patchett’s State of Wonder over homemade pizza, wine and Dancing Deer Fruit & Nut Squares.

Our words tumbled over each other like a river over rapids. For five hours, we jumped from one topic to the next.  A discussion of the book turned into what we should read next turned into relationship talk turned into family tales.  Suddenly, we were through three bottles of wine and were stifling yawns.

“How did we all find each other?” someone wondered as we racked our brains to remember the last time any of us had had a girls’ night. We set a date for our next book club meeting, with promises to meet for crafting dates and dinners in between.

Here’s to girls’ nights!

What little things are making you happy today?


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    THIS POST is making me happy. We’ve each come a LONG way with our local friendships in the last two years, my friend – and I am ESPECIALLY proud of you for making the effort to connect with other folks in Ithaca, even when it wasn’t always easy/natural to do so.

    Other little things making me happy today:

    -Emily from Relishments post on HLS.
    -my job. it’s been REALLY busy, lately – but also, REALLY good.
    -APPLES ARE STARTING TO BE AVAILABLE from local places near us. BOOYAH. I bought a huge bag for $3 yesterday and plan to eat at LEAST one a day. [I’ve already had two today. bahahahaha.]
    -and now, lunch is over, and back to work I go 🙂

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    I smiled to big when I read this! I seem to remember emailing back and forth with you over this a few years ago. I’m happy you are finding people to hang out with! Now, I’ve moved and have to start over making friends myself. Thanks for giving me hope!!