The Momofuku Cookbook {Giveaway!}


Recently, I purchased the Momofuku cookbook.  I was a little intimidated by the ingredients used in the recipes at first, but I was so taken with the photography and writing that I took a shot and ordered it anyways.

At the beginning of each chapter, David Chang shares his background and the start of each of his restaurants: Momofuku Noodle Bar, Momofuku Ssam Bar and Momofuku Ko. His passion for food shines through in each section of the book.

The ramen recipe may seem complicated, with all the references to other recipes within the book (pork belly, pork shoulder, slow-poached egg), but as Chang says himself “Ramen = broth + noodles + meat + toppings and garnishes.  It’s that simple and that complex, because the variations are endless.”

Skip the slow-poached egg if you’re not a fan.  Use only pork belly instead of both belly and shoulder to save yourself some time.  Use leftover roasted chicken instead of the pork if that’s what you have on hand.

There is a recipe to make ramen noodles yourself, but he insists that it is time-consuming and unnecessary and provides suggestions for substitutions (fresh lo-mein noodles or even rice noodles) if you can’t find or don’t want to make fresh ramen noodles.

Ramen doesn’t make up the entire cookbook, however.  It is only the beginning.  There are pork buns and lettuce wraps, side dishes and desserts.  Personally, I can’t wait to try the roasted sweet summer corn with miso butter, bacon and roasted onions this summer.

It is a beautiful cookbook, filled with wonderful writing and gorgeous photography.  I plan to go to Asian grocery this weekend to see if I can find fresh ramen noodles, konbu and bamboo shoots to make my own ramen.

I ordered this book from Joss & Main, along with Anne Burrell’s Cook Like a Rock Star.  The warehouse accidentally sent me two copies of Momofuku.  I notified the sales department of the error and they told me that if I didn’t hear back from the warehouse within the week that I could give the extra copy to a friend or family member.  That was two weeks ago.  So lucky YOU, I have a copy of Momofuku to give away!

To enter, simply leave a comment telling me your favorite new cookbook.  Is it a book by a celebrity chef?  Is it specific to a particular ingredient or style of cooking?

I will choose a winner at 8am EST Tuesday, January 17.  I will ship the book anywhere, so this giveaway is not limited to the US or Canada.

Some of my recent favorites:


Cook Like a Rock Star


Saveur: The New Comfort Food

Canning for a New Generation

I was not compensated for this review.  Though I did not pay for this copy of the book, I was sent a duplicate in error of the book that I did pay for.  All opinions in this review are my own.



  1. Anna says

    My favorite cookbook is “Kitchen Sense” by Mitchell Davis. Love, love, love this cookbook. He puts a slightly different twist on the usual recipes, plus some more fun ones. The motto in my home is “What Would Mitchell Do?”

  2. says

    hmmm I was browsing the coobooks at B&N the other day and Heidi Swanson’s Supernatural Everyday looked pretty awesome! I would love this book- there is a Momofuku milk bar not too far from my apartment in NYC but I still haven’t been there yet. This book would be good incentive!

  3. says

    My favorite cookbook right now (although I haven’t actually made anything from it yet) is Chewy Gooey Crispy Crunchy Melt-in-Your-Mouth Cookies by Alice Medrich. I just got it for Christmas and it is filled with delicious, mouth watering, cookie recipes that I cannot wait to make!

    …….and now I am craving fresh ramen and warm cookies for lunch. 🙂

  4. says

    I love the Moosewood cookbooks. Yes all of them. They remind me of our trip to the restaurant and they are so easily adaptable for my allergies.

    I recently purchased Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant. It’s recipes are easily adaptable for everyday meals with out feeling so intimidating with my allergies. I enjoy the cooking process instead of the stress of converting recipes.

  5. April says

    My favorite cookbook is “How to Cook Everything” by Mark Bittman because it seriously teaches you how to cook EVERYTHING. This is a must have for the beginner or the experienced cook.

  6. says

    Not really a cookbook but I love that I can now get Cooking Light, Everyday Food and Food & Wine on my iPad. Easy to find the recipe and save it.

  7. suburban prep says

    i love the Cookbooks by Ina Garten (the Barefoot Contessa) but the one I just bought was more and indulgence than anything because it is for sweets it is the Cupcake Diaries.

  8. says

    My favorite cookbook of late is “Plenty” by Yotam Ottolenghi. Not only is it beautiful enough to be a coffee table book, but the recipes in it are just marvelous. I’ve got many, many cookbooks and I can’t say that I would make every recipe in any of them. This book I would say that about.

  9. says

    My favorite cookbook is Heidi Swanson’s Super Natural Every Day. I purchased it to educate and ease myself into a more whole foods way of cooking and to my delight it has proven to be the most accessible, all purpose, tasty cookbook I own! I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve given it as a gift now!

  10. Kara says

    Awesome! My new favorite cookbooks is the Everyday Food: Light that was released after Christmas! 🙂

  11. Donna says

    My husband and I’s favorite cookbook right now, although it is not new, is Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. This is some serious heavy reading! This book is more about teaching a way of cooking as opposed to just a collection of recipies. It is a skill book that you can apply to all areas of cooking! I had never actually sat down and read a cookbook as a novel before, but that changed with this book. I don’t think I’ve even remotely succeded in the first several attempts at a recipie, becuase it takes, like the title suggests, practice to MASTER the art. I also love that with Julia, there’s no advertising of quick-fixes, shortcuts, or easy quick recipies. It is challenging and artful. The goal is good food, no exceptions.

  12. Cellabella says

    I recently bought Moro by Sam Clark, it’s Spanish cuisine and so far I’m enjoying the recipes!

  13. says

    One of my favorite (though not so new) cookbooks is “The Meat Lover’s Meatless Cookbook” by Kim O’Donnel. Really great recipes.

    Go to a David Chang restaurant is on my 101 list. This book might get me one step closer 🙂

  14. says

    I have to admit… My *favorite* go-to recipe book is the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. It’s relatively new, I received it in June at my bridal shower from someone who is like a grandmother to me. I used it 3 or 4 times the first weekend, and anytime I forget to plan a meal ahead, it’s always the perfect solution for the remains in my fridge! I love that it’s a classic yet offers so much culinary versatility – I can find vegetarian meals when I’ve had my fill of meat, heart healthy meals, and it offers variations of a variety of recipes.

  15. Elisabeth says

    I LOVE cookbooks & have way too many. My newest favorites are Bobby Flay’s Bar Americain cookbook & The Williams-Sonoma Cookbook 🙂

  16. Belinda says

    My favorite cookbook is the one I got from Costco. I like it because most of the recipes do not have an overwhelming list of ingredients and there is such variety!

  17. says

    I got the cake pop book from Bakerella- and I got it signed by her too! She gives a lot of great tips on how to make cake pops. I only wish I read it before I started since I made a lot of the same mistakes that she advised about in the book. Lots of cake pops to come in 2012 🙂

  18. Lynda @ Healthy Hoboken Girl says

    What a great question…..right now I’ve been trying all the fun cookie recipes from ‘Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar’. It has the best choc chip mega oatmeal cookie!

    Even the non vegans fall in love for these delicious cookie creations!
    Have a nice weekend!

  19. C Wilson says

    My fave new (old) cookbook is the 75th anniversary Joy of Cooking. I remember my moms splattered and stained one that I started cooking with way back when

  20. Shannon says

    I also love canning for a new generation! My husband and I are planning to expand our vegetable garden this year and do a lot more canning to last the winter. I’m also excited to teach my son – and show him about growing our own food!

  21. Edmund David says

    I love recipes handed down to me from family members. It’s food that isn’t too daunting to make and tastes like my childhood, thanks for the post, keep up the good work.

  22. Yvonne says

    The cookbook I last purchased is The Pioneer Woman’s. I love her recipe for pizza crust, it’s my go-to. This book sounds awesome. Pork buns!!!

  23. trang says

    I love your site layout! my favorite cookbook at the moment is flour, I just got it through a work rewards program and I can’t wait to dive through it.