Three Years Later

Three years ago today, Dan and I got married.  We’ll be going out for a celebratory dinner tonight, then enjoying a bottle of our favorite sparkling mead at home. 

We’ve been together for nearly seven and a half years now, and a lot of our favorite memories involve food. These nine recipes were inspired by some of our favorite times together:

Cookie dough egg rolls (originally from Bluephies). We love these so much, we had them instead of cake at our wedding.

Zucchini enchiladas. Inspired by our favorite Madison restaurant, Bluephies.

Apple spice birthday cake. I’ve made this cake for Dan’s birthday several times.

Butternut squash and pork lasagna. I love making fresh pasta for our at-home date nights.

Brandy slush.  Our favorite drink at our friends’ Wisconsin New Year’s Eve party.

Grown-up cherry cola. We served this at our New York Grice New Year’s Eve party.

Sungold tomato preserves. Our favorite weekend lunch (and sometimes dinner) is grilled cheese with sungold preserves.

Pear and goat cheese crostini. I recreated this one based on one of the hors d’oeuvres at our wedding.

Slow-cooked ham in cider gravy. We made this one four times in 10 weeks this fall, we loved it so much.

Happy anniversary, Dan!  

I’m looking forward to many more years of great memories together.


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    Happy Anniversary! How nice to have all these recipes with good memories associated with them. You must have had a lot of the little Sungold cherry tomatoes to be inspired to make a preserve with them, I’ll bet it was delicious!

    • says

      The preserves are inspired by some at the farmers’ market in Madison, WI. I grow a bunch of sungolds specifically to make the preserves every year! 🙂