Using Your Leftovers: Round-Up

As expected, our fridge is filled with leftovers from yesterday. Though there were only three of us, Heather and I made enough food for at least 8. Guess what Dan and I will be eating for the next 3 weeks?

I’m going to need to mix it up. I can’t eat the same thing every day for that long, no matter how delicious it is. Let’s get creative, shall we?


First, take stock of what you have leftover. In my leftover arsenal:

Turkey (which wasperfectly roasted, if I may say so myself), homemade turkey gravy, and cherry butter instead of the traditional cranberry sauce.

Roasted brussels sprouts (though only a few are left) and glazed carrots. Caramelized onion mashed potatoes. Which Heather and I agreed were life-changing (thanks again for the recipe, Emily!)

Whole wheat rolls and butternut squash & apple stuffing. Funny story about the stuffing: I didn’t whisk the eggs into the stock well enough, so there was fried egg sitting on top of the stuffing instead of the egg getting soaked in. Still tasted fine, at least!

Caramel pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream, which may not make it past tonight.


Next, find some recipes that will use multiple ingredients from your arsenal. I’m eyeing…

Personal pot pies, using the gravy I already have instead of the one in the recipe

Turkey pot pies with cornbread crust from Can You Stay For Dinner?, using our leftover veggies instead of the ones called for

Turkey,brie and cranberry quesadillas from How Sweet Eats, though I’ll use cherry butter instead

Shepherd’s pie

Spinach & glazed carrot salad topped with turkey and stuffing “croutons”

Turkey and goat cheese enchiladas (recipe to come!)

My gramma’s turkey tetrazzini (recipe to come!)

201011261741.jpg [Source]

As well as some dishes that use just one or two of your leftovers:

Potato pancakes from How Sweet Eats

Pulled turkey sandwiches from Hangry Pants

201011261742.jpg [Source]

With all these recipes, it will be nearly impossible to get bored with your leftovers. Happy eating!

What are you doing with your leftovers?


  1. says

    The turkey pot pies with cornbread crust look like a killer, killer find. But selfishly, I want to see you make those goat cheese enchiladas and post the recipe because, yum.

    I actually have no leftovers. We left all the food, save a cake and a pie, with my aunt and uncle, who live by themselves. Including at least 9 lbs of turkey. The turkey is especially notable because my aunt is a vegetarian.

    • Julie @savvyeats says

      Thank you! You should come over with some of your delicious desserts…it would be quite the party!

  2. Elizabeth says

    I’m so glad your turkey turned out! I was nervous too (not for you, because obviously, you’re a genius in the kitchen), because this was my first time cooking a turkey. Happily for me, it turned out perfectly! Much better than anything I’ve eaten at my aunt’s! Unfortunately, unlike you, I didn’t host, so I don’t have the plethora of leftovers, but I think I will utilize some of those ideas the with the turkey I did manage to snag with my pre-packed tupperware 🙂 I’m also dog-sitting this weekend, and, oh my goodness, do they have an amateur cook’s dream kitchen!

    Also, happy belated birthday to Dan. If you’re around during Christmas, we should get coffee or something/

    • Julie @savvyeats says

      A dog + a beautiful kitchen = heavenly. 🙂 Glad your turkey turned out!!

      I unfortunately won’t be in Minnesota until sometime next year… Dan used up all of his vacation time for the wedding and honeymoon. But we definitely need to meet up sometime — in Ithaca, Boston or Minnetonka!

      • Elizabeth says

        Well that’s a good reason! I look forward to seeing what you come up with for Christmas dinner!

  3. says

    I’m glad other people make potato pancakes with leftover mashed potatoes. I felt like I was the only one in the world when I first made them for my hubs. He is so sheltered! haha

    Even though I was cooking for 4 yesterday, we also cooked for an army. I’m glad you guys had fun! 😉

  4. says

    Since the Hub and I are both sick with a cold I made Thanksgiving Soup! It’s broth with turkey and thickened with croutons made out of stuffing and mashed potatoes (I browned little squares of them in garlic, onion, and evoo). It’s all seasoned with rosemary and thyme. It may sound weird but it was totally delicious.

  5. says

    i miss you.
    and the mashed potatoes.
    and i want a rosemary salt ithaca bakery bagel.
    and i just realized i haven’t spoken to you yet today.

    this does not feel right.