Vegan Peanut Cherry Drops

Secret Recipe Club

This month, I decided to take on something new: the Secret Recipe Club. Each month, participating bloggers are assigned a blog to create a recipe from.  Before the “reveal” date, you have no idea who has your blog, so it is a fun surprise to see who had your name and what they chose to make. Kind of like a Secret Santa for food bloggers!

For August, I was assigned Dee’s blog, Deelicious Sweets, and I decided to make her Vegan Peanut Apple Pretzel Drops.  The only change I made was to use 2/3 cups dried cherries instead of the apple rings…so go check out the recipe for the ingredients and instructions!

SRC August

For some reason, my cookies spread like crazy and stuck to the baking sheet a bit.  But, the candy-bar flavors more than made up for it.  Seriously, salty peanuts and pretzels + sour-sweet dried cherries + sweet cookies = tastes like a candy bar.  Go make something with that flavor combination.  Please.

Thanks, Dee!  Check out the link-up below to see all the other Secret Recipe Club posts for August. Can’t wait to see who had my name, and which Savvy Recipe they decided to make!


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    Hi Julie! This was my first month for the SRC too! What a great idea to add cherries rather than apples! Great job! I’m not sure why they spread out so much. That’s strange. Hope you enjoyed them!

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    I actually just found some dried cherries while cleaning out my pantry this afternoon. Might have to give these delicious little drops a try soon =)

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    YUM. My family wouldn’t even know what they were missing (butter) with such a wonderful flavor combination. Great substitution.