Workout Review: Yogalosophy

A few years ago, my good friend Kari came home to Minnesota for a visit. She had moved to LA about a year previously, so we had a lot of catching up to do. She told me about her yoga instructor, Mandy Ingber, and how much she loved her classes. It was more challenging and dynamic than the typical yoga class, she said.

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That would be Kari next to me in the navy.

Of course, at the time we didn’t know about vinyasa yoga, so ‘yoga’ to us involved holding the same pose for a long time with very little movement. We know better now.

Kari informed me that not only was her yoga instructor Jennifer Aniston’s yoga instructor as well, but she was coming out with a DVD. She wasn’t sure when it would come out, but said she’d keep me in the loop. Lo and behold, I got the DVD from Dan for my last birthday.

Part yoga, part strength training, this DVD is not what I expected. That’s not such a bad thing. The workout is still challenging and leaves me feeling strong. To break it down:


  • Leaves me shaking at the end of each exercise.
  • I am sore the next day in the ‘I finished a hard workout’ way.
  • Mandy gives great direction on what your alignment should be for each pose.
  • No special equipment needed.
  • Has a ‘music only’ option you can use once you know the workout.


  • Too much focus on how your butt, legs, etc will look after the workout. I’d rather focus on feeling strong than on how my body looks.
  • Easier options are offered for several of the exercises, but often not until after a full set has been completed.

Overall, I’d give this DVD a B+. Not a huge fan of the language within the DVD, but I definitely enjoy (and am challenged by) the workout!

Have you tried Yogalosophy? What’s your favorite workout idea?


  1. says

    Thanks for the review – I was thinking of buying this DVD, even though I know I prefer the studio experience. Your friend is lucky she gets to go to the live workouts – I am sure they are much better!

    It is a major pet peeve of mine, by the way, when there is too much focus on appearance during a workout. Exercise, to me, is about feeling better (mentally and physically), getting stronger, and being less obsessed with your appearance in favor of other goals. Every once in a while it’s okay, but as a major focus I find it off-putting and distracting.

    I’ve been meaning to ask you how your winter workout plan is shaping up? I remember you wrote a post about needing substitutes since you couldn’t bike outside in the winter. Have you found anything fun to do?

    • Julie @savvyeats says

      I’ve been mostly doing strength training and the bike trainer. I’ve found that the trainer is bearable if I have a book that I’m really into that I can read while I ride… but I’m also hoping to do more of these workout reviews. It will force me to mix it up a bit!

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    I love what you said about focusing on feeling strong. So many instructors seem to focus on appearance…maybe because it’s important to them or maybe they think that’s what people want to hear, but either way, I’m with you!

  3. says

    I <3 vinyasa style yoga. One gym I went to a few years back had a teacher that rocked. Each pose led into another pose successively and the fluid movement of your body paralleled what was happening with your breath. Loved her. I like a yoga workout that's challenging and makes me feel "sore in a I worked out hard the day before" sort of way that you described. I might have to check this out. Thanks for the review Julie!

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    I have been dying to find a new yoga DVD that I can use at home, with good instruction as I’m not a “YOGI” by any sense of the word. I have always been more into weights and cardio. But as the winters seem colder (to me anyway) I hate going outside more and more. Finding more ways to workout in my living room is very important to me. Thanks for the review!

    FYI: I agree about the “focus on appearance” comments. Jillian Michaels tends to do that quite a bit during the 30 Day Shred (which is what I’ve been doing lately) but it still kicks my butt so I just ignore her by putting on my iPod now. 🙂