Your 2012 Reading List

To say that I read a lot is a bit of an understatement. I’m the girl who hits the “you can’t check out any more books until you return some of the others” limit at the library on a regular basis. My mother-in-law gives me a Barnes and Noble gift card for every birthday and Christmas, and I spend hours gleefully searching the shelves for the perfect book. When I’m stressed or feeling uninspired, a trip to the library or bookstore always lifts my spirits. When I need a break from work, I often turn to my favorite blogs.

Here are my recommendations for must-read books, blogs and individual blog posts to help you kick off 2012.


Ape House by Sara Gruen. If you liked Gruen’s book, Water for Elephants, I’m willing to bet you’d like this one, too.

The Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards. The first book I gave 5 out of 5 stars in months.

These Things Hidden by Heather Gudenkauf. This book is told from the point of view of four main characters, and is filled with twists and turns to the very end.

Any of Jen Lancaster’s books. Good for a laugh.


Shutterbean. I love Tracy’s recipes. She has some great homemade liquors and cocktail recipes. And since I just got a popover pan, I can’t wait to make her Orange Cinnamon Clove Popovers!

Joy the Baker. I love her blog, I love her podcast and I can’t wait to read her cookbook.

How Sweet Eats. I’ve been reading Jess’s blog from nearly the very beginning. In fact, she was one of my first “blog friends.” Her posts always make me smile, and I can’t count the number of her recipes that I’ve marked as ‘to make.’

The Bloggess never fails to make me laugh.

Heather’s Dish. Heather has some beautiful photography, great-looking recipes, and also founded Faces of Beauty.

Blog Posts:

My Brain Food 101: How to Store Foods series can help you have less food waste in 2012. Covered so far: Muffins. Cookies. Potatoes. Yeast Bread. Nuts and Seeds.

Perhaps you’d like to begin canning? I’ve got you covered there {freezing, too!}.

If you still don’t have your 2012 calendar, check out Young House Love’s adorable and customizable printable photo calendar.

I really, really love this idea for a perpetual calendar {from Design Sponge}.

Apparently I’m feeling all sentimental and wanting to preserve some memories this week. I might need to make a time capsule, a la Joy.

If you have the yard space (and you don’t need much), build a compost bin this spring. We used some of our many shipping pallets to follow Young House Love’s tutorial. I’m excited to use some of our own compost for Savvy Garden 2012!

What did I miss? What are your must-read blogs and books?


  1. says

    You’re definitely a must-read for me! Thanks for the book recommendations, putting them into GoodReads right now. I am SO excited to return to reading for pleasure this year. I’m the exact same way with books. I carry them everywhere, even when I know I won’t have the opportunity to read. Happy 2012!

    • Liz says

      Yep – Savvy Eats is a must read for me, too πŸ™‚ I read ALL the time & love finding new book/blog/article suggestions & will definitely be putting those books on to my ‘to read’ list on GoodReads!

    • Julie @savvyeats says

      I tried reading it, but just couldn’t get into Cutting for Stone. Maybe I’ll give it another shot this year.

  2. says

    i am definitely a reader too. i always have library books checked out and my “to-read” list is as long as my arm. (just added ape house to the list). πŸ™‚

    a couple of my 2011 favorites were “the help” “a soldier’s wife” and “when we were strangers”.

  3. says

    I’m always struggling to find my next read, so thanks a ton for highlighting your favorites! It will make my search much, much easier πŸ™‚ I actually went back to Joy’s firsts posts during my Christmas break to catch up and even her beginner posts are awesome (way less embarrassing than mine!). Hope your new year is happy!

  4. says

    I love it when bloggers I like recommend books! Usually if I like the blogger’s writing style, sense of humor, and personality, I know that I’ll almost definitely LOVE any book that they recommend. Thanks πŸ™‚ More bloggers should tell me what books are good!!