Little Pieces of Progress

Let’s pretend that most of our rooms don’t currently look something like this:


And instead focus on the little areas that have been cleaned, organized and transformed. Like the shelves in the kitchen. Bulk bins on the bottom, display pieces (more to come) on the top.


More bulk bins were meant to go on the top shelf, but alas, I’m too short to reach them…

Appliances have been tucked into the recessed shelves next to the sink. They are easy to access but out of sight:

House-Progress-2.jpg House-Progress-3.jpg

Built-in cabinets in the dining room have been filled with dishes and baking supplies:


Huh. Interesting that most of what has been unpacked is food-related… I really want to get back to cooking, clearly!


PS: Max hasn’t gotten used to the fact that our windows are no longer a mere 4 inches off the ground. However, he can still see out the upstairs windows, which makes him happy!

Hello + Verdict

Hello house.

Today was the second morning we woke up in our new house.

It still doesn’t feel fully real. Until I walk downstairs and see all the boxes of our stuff yet to be unpacked.

I love everything about our house. Well, except for the sink in the downstairs bathroom that has no water pressure and dirty water. But we’re working on fixing that.


I can’t wait to share all our future projects with you.

We have plans to build some outdoor furniture.

We have plans to add a pantry to the dining room.

We have plans to paint the dining room, guest room and office.

We have plans to build a craft table for the office.

We have plans to finish + seal the back deck.


And this is only a start of our list. So believe me, there will be plenty of home decorating, building and “how-to” posts to come!

(Progress pictures coming soon!)

Speaking of which, thank you for all your votes and comments on the future of Savvy Eats!

The thought of changing my blog to Savvy Living makes me a little sad for some reason. I think I have an (irrational?) attachment to my blog name and don’t want to give it up. And as Dan pointed out, I have no idea how long I’ll want to write about home projects. I could just be especially excited about it right now because we just bought the house.

I have a feeling blogging about home projects will become a new passion, but I don’t want to rebrand until I know for sure. Besides, I am so slammed with Savvy Blog Services work right now that I don’t have time to do my own rebranding anyways!

So here’s the verdict:

For now, Savvy Eats stays the way it is, and I’ll had a “Savvy Home” category. In a few months, I’ll re-evaluate.

If blogging about home projects has become a new passion, I’ll consider rebranding to Savvy Living, and work my own blog into my Savvy Blog Services schedule.

Sound fair?

Good. 🙂

I’ve been completely out of the loop because of the move. How are you all? Any great blog posts I may have missed?