Six Awesome Home Decorating Tutorials

As you know, I’ve recently fallen in love with home decorating and design blogs, and I’m eager to start working on our new house! Since we’re busy with closing + beginning the moving process today, Emily offered to step in and share some of her favorite DIY tutorials with all of you! Take it away, Emily!


Like Julie, I too am in the process of moving—though while she is moving into a fabulous big old house I am moving into a lowly little old apartment—but hey we’ve all got to start somewhere! Also like Julie I have been obsessing over home-design blogs—she turned me on to the nester which has honestly inspired every plan I have for my new little apartment. Thankfully most of the home-decorating blogs I have stumbled upon are full of crafty/thrifty ideas which are perfect for me: a girl on a no-budget/low-budget.

So far I have thrown myself into a myriad of projects including salvaging a dozen busted up and plastic picture frames, painting an old coffee table I found at a garage sale when I was 15 and I am attempting to build a table [with the help of Ana White & my father]—I might also be upholstering a really nasty old couch we have collecting cat hair and dust in our basement.

Anyway, here are a collection of my favorite DIY projects from really awesome blogs:

Quickest, easiest no sew ridiculously cheap but sweet looking curtains.

Some easy to make pillows that go nicely with said curtains.

And a bulletin board that complements the two!

(As you can see I have a thing for burlap)

Easiest way to hang a photo frame collage.

Cheap & classy wreath to decorate your door or mantle.

Pretty cheap but mostly awesome headboard.

My favorite DIY site at the moment is definitely Ana White’s, she’s the sweet little thing who makes EVERYTHING—she teaches you how to make your own furniture for a steal! She’s amazing.

What are your favorite DIY projects and tutorials?

The Little Things Guest Post: Heather, 3.28.11.

I’m off doing one BIG thing today…closing on our house! But we can’t forget to appreciate the little things as well. So while I’m away, Heather is going to share some of her little things!

Take it away, Heather!

The Little Things Making Me (Heather) Happy Are…

The explanation of the little thing making me happy today is unnecessary. Simply see the photo.


Little things that make me happy: Doing the dishes. I find it oddly calming, and love to wash dishes first thing in the morning, usually while listening to a podcast or a Glee-mix on my IPod. Fun, bright pink dish gloves are pretty awesome, too.


Little thing that makes me happy: Getting to hear about my fur nephew, Titus [who I affectionally call, The Titus]

handsome titus.jpg

It’s the little things – like finding splashes of cement in the shape of the State of Wisconsin


Little Thing that [probably] makes me the most happy: Presidential Fun facts. Nothing makes me more excited that coming across a fun fact about a POTUS that I didn’t previously know.

Did you know that Harding played poker twice a week and sneaked off to burlesque shows while he was POTUS?   


What Little Things are making you happy today?

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