Six Weeks

If I didn’t have it on my computer screen in front of me, I wouldn’t believe it.

Actually, maybe I would, because this has happened before.

For the past six weeks, three of my best blog friends and I have been embroiled in a friendly “healthy living challenge.” Each day, we get points for getting enough sleep, drinking at least 64 ounces of water, getting in our fruits and veggies, working out and so on. We keep track of our current points in a Google Doc spreadsheet, with an optional “weigh in” column.


I’ve been getting my sleep points. And my water points. And my produce points. And between walking everywhere, gardening and cycling, I’ve been getting plenty of workout points. I’ve even been successful in limiting myself to one treat a day.

And yet, there in the weigh-in column, is proof that I have gained six pounds in the past six weeks. Six. Pounds. In. Six. Weeks. That’s one pound a week, people.

This is not the weight trend one should see when competing in (and holding her own in) a healthy living challenge. My workouts have increased but my food intake has not. (Well, except on days when I ride 30+ miles, but that’s just refueling.) If anything, my food has gotten healthier with the appearance of fresh spring produce.


I’d like to think the weight is all muscle, but most of the six pounds appears to have settled around my belly, making the pants I bought at the end of April uncomfortably tight around the waistband. When you’re only five feet tall, six pounds can make a big difference.

As you may imagine, keeping a positive body image is more than a small struggle right now.

I can’t wait until I can see my new endocrinologist at the end of July to figure out what’s up with my hypothyroidism (or if this is something else entirely). Maybe starting fresh from scratch with a new doctor will provide me with new insights on my treatment. Hopefully I just need to tweak my thyroid medication and it isn’t something else entirely. Until then, what can I do? Just keep aiming for healthy living, I suppose.

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