Like a Windstorm

Slugs 1

It doesn't look bad, but these leaves were gone the next day.

Slugs have been moving through the Savvy Garden like a windstorm, stripping leaves from every plant in its path. It starts with a few innocuous holes dotting the foliage, and within 2 days, the leaves are gone completely. It started with the mint and sage, then progressed to the peas and beans.

Slugs 2

Dear slugs: please leave my sage alone!

Slugs 3

The beans too, please

I’m hoping to use organic methods to deal with the issue, so I put out some slug bait this weekend, as recommended by the guys at Agway.  The goal is for them to eat the food I put out instead of my tasty vegetables and herbs. Cross your fingers that we are near the end of Slug-Gate 2012.

Garden June 18 2012

The garden as of June 18, 2012

Reading List


Photo: Ruby Beach in Washington State. More photos of the trip on the Savvy Eats Facebook page.

There have been some great posts catching my eye in the blogosphere as of late. Time to share the link love!

1.  I can’t decide what my next dinner party should be… a taco party or a crêpes party?  They both look like a lot of fun. A lot of tasty, tasty fun.

2.  These are the most adorable cookies.  I need to get a Mason jar cookie cutter! 

3.  The benefits of a bicycle— in infographic form.

4.  Asparagus baked eggs would make a wonderful lunch, don’t you think?

5.  I love Jess’s writing, and I have a feeling I would love these seed and nut bars as well.

6.  An informative and enlightening post about current trends in food photography.

7.  We saw these necklaces in a little shop in Portland.  I so need to get one someday, don’t you think?  They are perfect for this food science nerd!

8.  Speaking of food science, now we know what that paper layer on the top of Greek yogurt does.

What are you reading this week?