Three Years Later

Three years ago today, Dan and I got married.  We’ll be going out for a celebratory dinner tonight, then enjoying a bottle of our favorite sparkling mead at home. 

We’ve been together for nearly seven and a half years now, and a lot of our favorite memories involve food. These nine recipes were inspired by some of our favorite times together:


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Greenhouse BasilPhoto: We visited Early Bird Farm this weekend to get some perennials and the few herbs I didn’t start from seed. The basil area was clearly my happy place.

Time to share the link love!


I can’t stop thinking about this strawberry and chocolate marble loaf.

Um, hi. Fresh strawberry & lime tom collins cocktail.  

How to do all of your shopping at the farmers’ market.  



Hazelnut Crepes with Honey Whipped Cream and Fruit.

BLT Chopped Salad with Corn, Feta + Avocado.

OMG. Sandwiches in the waffle maker. Smartest idea EVER. 

Indian Butter Chicken! 



Mega-excited for the new Alton Brown podcast!

Love the scientific (but simple!) approach to making coconut whipped cream



The Michael Moore of the Grade-School Lunchroom.  

This is how I clean, and it is so effective:  The 15-Minute Blitz.

Nick Offerman break dances. Awesome.  

I kind of want to organize my cookbooks by color now.  



You can now find me Mondays through Fridays on as a National Food Examiner. So far, I’ve written about making great stir-fries, deciding between natural and artificial flavor extracts and selecting fresh asparagus. I’ll also be curating the Food page on with all my recommendations for foodie reading on the site.

New wine review published: Sheldrake Point.