Nutty Granola

Nutty Granola

Lately, I’m all about finding new ways to preserve summer’s bounty.  I’ve got plenty of jam stocked up for gifts and winter eating (not to say I won’t make more this year, though!), and am pro at infusing vodka.  I have multiple ways of preserving tomatoes – sauce, diced, roasted and frozen – and plan to freeze plenty of berries,corn, peppers and pesto.

But this year, I want to try some new things as well.  I’m finally going to make some pickles, and think I may want to freeze some peach slices in addition to canning them.  I’m picking my first batch of currants tomorrow, though I’m not entirely sure how I am going to use them yet.

A few weeks ago, when I had my sudden influx of sour cherries, I decided to experiment with oven-drying them. I used The Kitchn’s method, and while the final cherries are delicious, I don’t think it is going to be financially feasible to oven-dry them again.  I pitted and dried 2 pounds of sour cherries, and ended up with a mere 3/4 cup of dried cherries. That’s $10 for just a few handfuls in the end. Womp womp.  At least my other experiment with sour cherries – maraschino cherries with amaretto – was a smashing success!

I’m determined to make the most of my tiny amount of dried sour cherries, though, so I made up a batch of granola.  Totally worth the pricey dried cherries.

Nutty Granola 2


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Savvy Cycling: Century Training Update

Training for my century is well underway.  My current plan is to do one long ride a week, as well as two or three 15-20 mile rides. For at least one of those shorter rides each week, I’ll focus on increasing my speed.  I’m not particularly fast, especially on the hilly terrain that the century will be on, so I’m working on picking up the pace. 

CenturyTraining jpg

The long rides are scheduled to be:

Week of 7/15 (last week):   31 miles
Week of 7/22 (this week):   36 miles
Week of 7/29:                      42 miles
Week of 8/5:                        50 miles
Week of 8/12:                      60 miles
Week of 8/19:                      75 miles
Week of 8/26:                      55 miles
Week of 9/2:                        CENTURY (Just one 15-20 mile ride, at the beginning of the week)

That is a lot of saddle time, so I’m working on figuring out the best fuel, gear and post-ride routines for myself. These are my thoughts so far:


  1. I got my bike fitted last week and it is making a huge difference. My shoulders weren’t nearly as pinch-y on last Friday’s speedwork ride. Three cheers for comfort!
  2. A better fit, acupuncture, ice and stretching seem to be keeping my usual knee pain at bay.



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