Savvy Garden 2013: Progress

All last week, I had to be sure to close all the windows and shades by 8:30 a.m., at the latest. Otherwise, the humidity would force itself in through the screens, making each breath a tiny bit heavier than the one before. Even with the windows closed, the heat clawed its way in, and at one point I had all three upstairs fans aimed at my desk just to stay cool.

But every afternoon, with almost no warning, the skies would darken and then open up, the rain beating away the oppressive heat in just a few minutes. I’d fling open the windows, welcoming the cool, fresh air.

On the upside, I didn’t need to water the garden a single time last week. And the plants apparently loved the heat-rain one-two punch, because they look more lush and healthy than they did last year.

GardenJune jpg

Just look at the basil, which seemed to explode into thick bushes nearly overnight. Or the sungold tomato plants, which are already beginning to blossom. And I’ve never had such big and green cucumber plants before!


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