Chicken and Goat Cheese Stuffed Peppers

Chicken Stuffed Peppers 2

I had a very sad realization when I was at the Farmers’ Market on Saturday: the big, beautiful bell peppers I was buying were probably going to be my last for the season. As I picked through the box of peppers, turning each one over to make sure the bottom was flat for better standing-and-stuffing, a chilly gust of wind came whistling through the pavilion. I picked out my four peppers and made my way to the next stand, where I resisted buying pumpkins and butternut squash for another week.

By the next morning, I was breaking out the flannel and thick socks.

So farewell to summer. Farewell to corn on the cob, and fresh berries, and skirts without leggings. Hello to Concord grapes, apples and pears; to winter squash and root vegetables; to cozy flannel and fleece and quilts. As a final parting gift to summer, let’s celebrate the changing season with some stuffed peppers, shall we?

Chicken Stuffed Peppers


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41 Ways With Lunch

LunchRoundUpTextThroughout the past month, I’ve been sharing my favorite recipes that make great leftovers, to make your lunch packing just a bit easier.  I have one more recipe coming for you tomorrow, but in the meantime, here are 41 recipes that are good for leftovers and easy lunches.

Easy lunches:

Baked eggs with Brussels sprouts and mushrooms from brooklyn supper

Bean burrito bowls

Blackened chicken salad from Can You Stay for Dinner?

Brussels sprouts grilled cheese from Heather Christo

Caprese grilled cheese with arugula pesto from Feasting at Home

Caprese quesadilla from Wine and Glue

Grilled sandwiches in a waffle maker from Edible Perspective

Grilled sourdough with buttery herbs, heirloom tomatoes and a honey drizzle from How Sweet It Is

Ham and brie panini from Wine and Glue

Honey avocado dressing wrap from sweet basil

Meatloaf sandwiches with pickled onions and green onion aioli

No-mayo sweet potato tuna salad from Eating Bird Food

Pesto pizza quesadillas

Shrimp, corn and pepper quesadillas from Shutterbean


Farro Pesto Salad

Great for lunch boxes:

Arugula and mozzarella meatballs

Chicken curry wraps from big girls small kitchen

Farro pesto salad

Kale and quinoa cake from Joy the Baker

Lentil zucchini salad

Lunchbox chicken nuggets from Simple Bites

Quinoa salad with Tibetan herb dressing from Healthy Delicious

Tortilla pinwheel lollipops from home cooking memories

Zesty summer gluten-free pizza rolls from The Culinary Life


Steak Stir Fry

Makes great leftovers:

Chipotle chicken burritos with avocado creme from Katherine Martinelli

Creamy Indian lentils Falafel burgers

Golden herbed quinoa salad from always order dessert

Indian butter chicken from foodie crush

Lentils and sausage, braised in red wine from big girls small kitchen

Pizza quinoa bean burgers from Edible Perspective

Simple sesame chicken skillet from How Sweet It Is

Slow cooker coconut and green curry pork from The Kitchn

Spring steak stir-fry

Thai grilled-beef salad (leave the dressing on the side) from not without salt

Tomato and feta quinoa Veggie-packed lasagna bolognese

White bean quinoa gumbo from Healthy Slow Cooking

Thai Eggs

Uses your other leftovers:

Asian-inspired sesame pineapple chicken salad from Cupcakes and Kale Chips

Risotto cakes Thai eggs with millet and arugula

Waldorf-ish chicken salad from Cupcakes and Kale Chips