Meatloaf Sandwiches with Pickled Onions and Green Onion Aioli


In middle school, I was sent home with an assignment from my Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) class: to cook my family a full dinner and report back. The meal had to include an entree and two sides, all of which were cooked from scratch– so no squeaking by with pasta with jarred tomato sauce!.  After much deliberation (yes, I’m one of the most indecisive people ever), I decided to make meatloaf my entree.

My mom pulled out her Betty Crocker cookbook and showed me the recipe she always used.  She wasn’t allowed to physically help me, but she stood next to me, telling me me that the oats and egg would help hold everything together, and encouraging me to squish the ground beef between my fingers to mix everything together.

As far as I can remember, the meatloaf and whatever sides I made came out well.  Clearly, the side dishes weren’t particularly memorable, because I have no idea what I made.

I forgot about this experience until I was making meatloaf last week.  Dan had been requesting meatloaf for weeks, ever since we had meatloaf sandwiches at a local restaurant. As I mixed the ingredients together, I was hit by a bit of deja vu, sending me back to my middle school days and leaving me feeling like I should go jump on AOL Instant Messenger while the meatloaf cooked.



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Photo: My two favorite pups: Max and Annie!


Well now I need to get a julienne peeler. Raw summer pad thai!

Heirloom tomato + chorizo salad. Yes.

I hate “sad” (aka, flavorless and hard) cantaloupe. Trying this next time to fix it!

Chipotle lime grilled chicken w/ avocado ranch. Though this is really a “eat this in all of the seasons” kind of dish!

I now know how I’m using some of my peach salsa…

Into Fall.

This might be the first thing I do when the kale in the Savvy Garden is ready. Kale chicken caesar salad with Parmesan crisp croutons!

Or maybe this peppered kale pasta

Pear crisp!

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