September: Meals That Make Great Leftovers

2013 08 29 1377809343

Savvy Eats is coming up on the four-year mark this month, and I’m so excited to get started with my new editorial calendar. As I’ve begun planning out the next few months, I’ve found myself feeling more inspired about my content than I have in awhile now.

With Healthy Living Summit swiftly approaching, I’ve been cooking up some ideas of leftover-friendly dinners, meals that easily translate from dinner one evening to lunch the next afternoon. I want, even need, some entrees that can pull double duty.

Plus, two of my friends are teachers, and I know a lot of you are either heading back to school yourself, or have children who are.  Even if none of those situations apply to you, I think we can all use some new lunch ideas, right?  So this month, I’m going to be sharing a bunch of meals that make great leftovers, lunch and snack ideas that are easy to take on-the-go, and more.

xo, Julie

Photo: The view from my desk today. Print from Heather, flowers from Dan. And a big old mess in the background as I work through my office reorganization.