Thanksgiving Leftovers Breakfast Casserole

Thanksgiving Leftovers Casserole My whole “go to the grocery store mid-day on Monday instead of over the weekend to avoid the crowds” plan did not pan out the way I’d hoped.  There were more people at Wegman’s than I’d ever seen there before, so I was stuck navigating crowded aisles with a heavy dairy- and baking supply-laden cart. There was no fresh sage or thyme to be found, two of the most vital herbs for a fantastic Thanksgiving meal. Plus, apparently everyone was making my mom’s wineberry salad, because every brand of raspberry gelatin was sold out. Luckily, I was able to find those three missing ingredients at another grocery store.  Between the two grocery stores, a trip to the Farmers’ Market on Saturday, a trip to the butcher for some chorizo, and another trip to the Farmers’ Market on Tuesday to pick up the turkey, I finally had everything I needed for Thanksgiving dinner. So now it is the day after Thanksgiving. The refrigerator is filled with leftovers, my canning shelves and chest freezer are packed with fruits and vegetables, and I would rather steer clear of going grocery shopping for at least a week.  But as much as I love turkey and gravy, if I have to eat my Thanksgiving leftovers straight-up for that entire time, I might go crazy. Which is why I’m coming up with fun ways to use my leftovers, like this breakfast casserole. Do it! Thanksgiving Leftovers Casserole … 

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42 Cocktails for the Holiday

Winter Cocktails RoundUp

Happy Thanksgiving week!

If you’re hosting, have you gone grocery shopping yet? One of my birthday gifts to Dan (who turned 27 yesterday!) is that I’m not making him come to the grocery store during Thanksgiving week with me.  Out of all the gifts I got him, this one might be his favorite.  He hates navigating a busy grocery store!  I’m not particularly fond of it either, so I’m hoping that by going mid-morning today, I can avoid much of the rush.

If you aren’t hosting Thanksgiving dinner, consider offering to bring the makings of a festive cocktail on Thursday.  You’ll be able to stay out of the cook’s way and not take up any valuable stove or oven space. Plus, a big holiday definitely calls for a fun cocktail!  Here are 42 drink ideas that would be great before, during or after Thanksgiving dinner.


Chocolate Cocktails for Morning or Evening: 

Chocolate peppermint eggnog by Daily Dish Recipes

Peppermint-spiked hot chocolate

S’mores shots in chocolate glasses by Spa Bettie

Hot chocolate peppermint shots by Spa Bettie


CreamyChocolatePom Cocktails jpg

Photos by Spa Bettie, Dinners, Dishes and Desserts, and Savvy Eats.

Cranberry Cocktails for Dinnertime or After:

Amaretto-cranberry kisses by Recipe Girl

Cranberry fizz by Dinners, Dishes and Desserts

Cranberry pomegranate spritzers by Because I Like Chocolate

Cranberry-spiced martinis by Noble Pig

Crimson spice cocktail by The Boys Club

Fresh cranberry ginger vanilla margaritas by How Sweet It Is

Holiday dark and stormy

Poinsettia mimosas by Big Bear’s Wife

Sparkling pomegranate cocktails by MountainSide Bride


Creamy Cocktails Made With Love:

Bourbon chai by Saveur

Homemade Irish cream by How Sweet It Is

Peppermint patty martini by the Novice Chef

Pumpkin pie martini by Noble Pig

Rosy cheek by Winter Cocktails

Spiced snowflake cocktail by 52 Kitchen Adventures

Fruity Cocktails

Photos by Savvy Eats and Shockingly Delicious.

Fruity Cocktails Count As Healthy, Right?:

Fall fruit sangria

Golden plum and sage cocktail by Honestly Yum

Grown-up cherry cola

Happy elf cocktail by Noble Pig

Hard cider sangria by Sarcastic Cooking

Hot mulled cider


Orchard fete by Winter Cocktails

Pomegranate cosmo by Supper for a Steal

Pomegranate sangria by Will Cook for Smiles

Spiced pear martini by The Marvelous Misadventures of a Foodie

The sugar plum by Karen’s Kitchen Stories


Refreshing Cocktails for Before or During Dinner:

Brandy slush

Champagne punch with raspberry and orange liqueur by A Spicy Perspective

Grand mimosa by Gourmande in the Kitchen

Honey sage gin fizz by How Sweet It Is


Warming Cocktails to End the Evening:

Bourbon cider cocktail with cinnamon and ginger by offbeat + inspired

Mulled red wine

Pumpkin martini by Karen’s Kitchen Stories

Spiced amaretto apple cider kiss by How Sweet It Is and The Boys Club

The Normand fizz (apple ginger Calvados) by Gourmande in the Kitchen

Whiskey cider by Busy in Brooklyn

Winter squash cocktail by Shockingly Delicious


What will you be drinking on Thanksgiving?  Have you done your grocery shopping yet?