Veggie-Packed Fried Rice + Giveaway

Veggie Fried Rice2

You all know I love using up leftovers in new and creative ways. The beauty of fried rice is that is the ultimate “use up all the veggie scraps in your fridge” meal. Just make sure everything is cut to approximately the same size and shape so that it cooks evenly, and you’re good to go. I’m now realizing I should have used up the collard greens in my refrigerator for this fried rice, because it’s looking limp and past its prime. I guess tonight’s soup is going to have some thinly sliced collards mixed in!

Psst: Don’t miss the cookbook giveaway after the recipe!

Veggie Fried Rice


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55 Ways to Make Comfort Food Healthier (+ Infographic)

All month, I’ve been thinking about what exactly qualifies a recipe as healthier, particularly when it comes to hearty, warming winter favorites. While this list is not at all inclusive, here are 8 ways I’ve found to “health-ify” your comfort food.  Each of the 55 recipes below is hyperlinked, to get you started on your comfort food cooking!

How are you making your comfort food healthier?


Cilantro Lime Chicken Chicken and goat cheese stuffed peppers Buffalo lentil meatballs Paleo pesto meatballs Turkey chili Taco bake Skinnier meatloaf Grown up hamburger helper Lasagna bolognese Thai chicken Buffalo chicken sloppy joes Cottage pie Spinach meatballs Turkey lasagna Lettuce wraps Quinoa corn chowder Thai beef tacos Chowder Mexican lasagna Avocado Chowder Roasted tomato soup Alfredo Veal bolognese Butternut lasagna Baked mac Pumpkin pasta Spiced lasagna Pumpkin mac Catfish Coconut chicken Fish sticks Sesame chicken Falafel Grilled chicken Shrimp jambalaya Thai soup Cauliflower casserole Poblano casserole Thai eggs Barley risotto Freekah burgers Chicken farro Fried rice Baked chicken Quinoa chili Pizza lentils Tortilla soup Lentil burgers Cauliflower chili Cauliflower soup Brown rice burgers Lentil bolognese Stuffed peppers Baked pumpkins Savvy Eats Image Map