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Feeling Sweet

Coconut milk ice cream with a pistachio crumb.

Neapolitan Rice Krispie treats.

HOMEMADE cereal. 

Roasted pineapple with honey and pistachios.

Strawberry coffeecake. 


Feeling Savory

Roasted brussel sprout quinoa bites stuffed with gruyere.  

Southwest loaded sweet potato fries.

Savory corn cakes.

Quinoa & cauliflower chowder.

Baked Irish cheese toasties.


Let’s Pop!

I want to throw a popcorn party!

Cheesy chick-flick popcorn (!!!!).

Buffalo Parmesan popcorn (throw-back link!).


Count to Ten

10 tips to be productive when working from home.

10 simple eco-friendly tips to green your home.

I want to read in all of these! 10 cozy reading nooks.


Find Me

Listen to Episodes 5 (The Little Things) and 6 (Tablets v. Phones) of Best Life Ever!

Make your recipes searchable on Pinterest. 

New winery review: Chateau LaFayette Reneau.

What are you reading this month?

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Top left: Recording podcast episode 4 for Best Life Ever. The rest: Recently on Instagram.

Time to share the link love!


“This is an excellent rectangle!”

Oh, Big Block of Cheese Day.

Excited about this bluegrass concept album from the Oly Mountain Boys (ie: my brother-in-law’s band)



Sweet tea-brined hot chicken wings.

Tater tot nachos. For real. 

Skirt steak sliders with salsa verde!

Chicken fried potatoes are apparently a thing.

Yum. Chorizo dip – queso fundido.

And wrap it all up with a color-changing cocktail.



Letting go of judging people.

How to stay no without feeling guilty.

27 productive things you can do in 5 minutes.

Learning to ask the right question.



We’ve released two new episodes of Best Life Ever! In Episode 3, we chat about health-ifying your life. Episode 4 is all about cheap or free date nights. 

And! Now you can subscribe on iTunes, so you never miss a podcast episode!

We’ve announced the hotel for the 2014 Healthy Living Summit. Madison, here we come!

I wrote all about improving your blogging with an editorial calendar over on the Healthy Living Summit site, too.

New winery review is up: Atwater Estate Vineyards.

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Photos: Recent shots from Instagram. Follow me here.



Pineapple coconut smoothie from Oh My Veggies/Kitchen Treaty

Roasted cauliflower and parsnip soup from Spoon Fork Bacon


White bean, leek and preserved lemon soup from Local Kitchen (our preserved lemons should be ready soon!)

Leftover prime rib naan nachos from Climbing Grier Mountain

Honey chili beer chicken from The Beeroness

Lemon, Parmesan and black pepper popcorn from Cookie + Kate

Breakfast taquitos from i am a food blog

Homemade flour tortillas from Dinners, Dishes and Desserts

Thai coconut chicken noodle soup from Blogging Over Thyme

Crispy quinoa cakes with roasted red pepper cashew cream from Oh My Veggies/Beard and Bonnet


Chickpeas as croutons from My New Roots

Pretzel dog bites with beer cheese dip from The Noshery

Sriracha popcorn from betsylife


When projects don’t pan out from Elise Blaha

The most powerful 3-letter word from The Yellow Table


Heather and I have a podcast! Episodes 1 & 2 of Best Life Ever are out and available for download now, with Episode 3 coming out next Tuesday. In Episode 1, we talk about goal setting and resolutions. In Episode 2, we are all about healthy comfort food!

Heather and I reviewed some great blogger-friendly planners.

I’m quoted in Finger Lakes’ Top Wineries 2013.

New winery reviews: Catherine Valley Winery and J.R. Dill Winery.

What are you reading this week?

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Cookie Decorating

Photo: Holiday cookie baking. This batch was my white chocolate tangerine tea cakes! Follow me on Instagram for more photos of my daily life. Aka: pictures of food, puppies and board games.

Savvy Eats

I know it is cookie season and all, but I really want to make this ice cream.

For something a little less sweet to snack on: rosemary roasted cashews.

Pumpkin. Naan. Gruyere. All of these things are awesome on their own, and now they are combined into a pizza? Yes, please.

I want some pineapple pork fried rice!

Looking for some healthy vegetarian recipes? Try some freekah bean burgers.

Let’s make eggnog waffles for Christmas morning!

Queso crockpot chicken chili with roasted corn and jalapeño. How soon can I make this?

If your New Year’s resolution is to cook more, don’t forget: learning to cook requires some practice.


Savvy Drinks

I’m putting together my NYE cocktail party menu.  Might need to include these Merry Manhattans.

…or cranberry ginger gin fizzes.

Oh! Or eggnog chai lattes when we all start to get sleepy pre-midnight!


What I’m Watching

(Other than a ton of Christmas movies!)

The Sing Off, of course. Some of my favorite performances so far: Amazed by the AcoUstiKats. Ring of Fire by Home Free. Holding Out for a Hero by Vocal Rush.

Someone put a camera on a toy car and drove it to a pride of lions.  It is fascinating to watch!


Be Inspired

I’m finding this to be especially important this winter: 5 ways to be kind to yourself.

Related: 10 ways to make your day better.

The super-easy, everyone-can-do-it, daily to-do list.

Appreciate the ordinary moments.

Five things to be grateful for that you might have overlooked.


Find Me

Santa came early this year, because Heather, the Healthy Living Summit and I are getting a podcast!!

One of my favorite productivity tools: RescueTime.

New winery reviews: Lakeshore Winery and Goose Watch Winery.

I’ve been included in several recipe round-ups lately. Here are a few:

 Thank you to everyone who included me!


What are you reading this week?

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LittleThingsReadingList jpg

Photo: Recently on Instagram. I’m Instagramming and Tweeting my 30 Days of the Little Things using the hashtag #30daysofLT – follow along and join in!


5 truths that will make running your business and life so much easier!

Love this: “Don’t grip so tight to your final goal that you miss other little roads that may be as good or better than where you’re headed, that might add to your process, and enrich your life more than originally thought.” - Silly Grrl

There are some great productivity tips over here. 


Chicken thighs and farro with burst tomatoes.

Sweet potato chicken hash. Simple and hearty!

“Pasta” made from celeriac.

Slow cooker beer and brown sugar pulled chicken sliders.

Pumpkin chorizo and black bean soup.


“To assume there is one correct answer to weight loss or healthy living would be sadly misguided.” – Fight for Wellness  

“One person’s Mt. Everest might be someone else’s hill in the backyard.” – Phil Keoghan, as read on me & the mountains

Truth: Walking is underrated


Hot cocoa popcorn. I do love me some popcorn!

Cheesy quinoa bites. YES.

Pumpkin chocolate chunk energy bites!


I’ve got a new Savvy Weekly Menu for you on Healthy Living Blogs!  The theme? Mushrooms!

Learn about one of my favorite productivity tools, Coffitivity, in my Healthy Living Blogs post.

Two new winery reviews are up: Buttonwood Grove and Knapp Vineyards.

Thanks to these folks for including me in their round-ups:


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Adirondacks 1

Photo: One more shot from the Adirondacks!

I Love Autumn!

I think I need to decorate accordingly this week.

It is roasted vegetable season again!

I recommend cooking with fresh cider. Make some pork chops, and then one of these.

This is possibly the most gorgeous loaf of bread I’ve ever seen.

Chai Love

Vanilla honey chai tea lattes are right up my alley.

Why yes, I will take my chai in snack form.

Comfort Food

I love a good bolognese.

This is brilliant: pizza quinoa bean burgers.

An end-of-season chowder.

Get Crafty

Fall puts me in a crafting mood.  Maybe I’ll start with a chalkboard serving tray.

Or maybe I’ll make some wire baskets for my office makeover.

Oh! Or some quilted pillows for the window seat.

Find Me 

My brown sugar and apple frozen yogurt was shared on AllParenting.

My freelance efforts have been pretty light this past month, thanks to the Healthy Living Summit!


What are you reading this week? Share links below!

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Photo: My two favorite pups: Max and Annie!


Well now I need to get a julienne peeler. Raw summer pad thai!

Heirloom tomato + chorizo salad. Yes.

I hate “sad” (aka, flavorless and hard) cantaloupe. Trying this next time to fix it!

Chipotle lime grilled chicken w/ avocado ranch. Though this is really a “eat this in all of the seasons” kind of dish!

I now know how I’m using some of my peach salsa…

Into Fall.

This might be the first thing I do when the kale in the Savvy Garden is ready. Kale chicken caesar salad with Parmesan crisp croutons!

Or maybe this peppered kale pasta

Pear crisp!

Read This on a Rough Day.

Keep Going. You’re Accomplishing A Lot More Than You Think.

And this is exactly what I needed to read when I was feeling discouraged the day after my century.

Be a Better Blogger.

Everything about this post from the Bloggess is amazing.

Improving Your Site Speed: Delete Old Drafts.

When in doubt, disclose.

“Our writing changes because our lives change.” – Nicole at Eat This Poem


I definitely need a timeout after the century + Summit week. Plus, the power of taking a break.

Make a list of 10 simple things you love to do. One of mine? Making lists.

Just for fun: Famous actors’ auditions for “The Office.”

Find Me.

I was honored to write the Ithaca Literary City Guide for Nicole.

Learn more about me in this “10 questions with HLS13 planning partner, Julie.”

I was included in this great BBQ sauce round-up.

Two new winery reviews are up: Hosmer Winery (eh) and Cayuga Ridge Estate Winery (love!).

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Photo: Recently on Instagram. Clockwise from top left: Feeling fancy. I can’t roll sushi to save my life. Gardening tools. We’re Trek fans. Much-needed creative planning day. Elote (Mexican street corn!). Post-long ride. Blueberry picking.  This was my July.

Food for Thought:

Five reasons why your productivity ≠ self-worth.

“Most importantly, the kitchen is an ideal place for us to meet ourselves.” – The Kitchn

“Writing a book is like being on the moon.” – Sweet Amandine

Loving this list of 32 things learned in 22 years from Candied Life.

“Maybe it’s those intangibles that make this story worth telling.” – The Yellow House

“At their core, cooking and writing both begin with ingredients.”  - Eat This Poem

Enjoying the Summer Harvest:

This might be the simplest way to make a pie, ever: Blueberry slab pie.

Baked berry breakfast pastries…look delicious!

Whole grain, streusel-topped blueberry buckle!

Ashley is amazing: waffles-turned-French-toast!

Golden plum and sage cocktail. Yes, please.

Preserving the Summer Harvest: 

So, these pirate peaches totally need to happen this summer.

This method of organizing your deep freezer is smart.  It is what we started doing last fall, and it makes a huge difference!

This isn’t really preserving-related, but it does turn your canning jars into mini-bento boxes.  Brilliant!

Just for Fun:

Every moment in this Pentatonix video is more amazing than the last. Pentatonix does Wizard of Oz! 

Ten great moments from old-school Whose Line Is It Anyways? 

Pretty much all of these apply to me: 27 signs you’re an obsessive list maker.

Find Me:

Have you gotten your tickets for Healthy Living Summit yet?  It is going to be a ton of fun!

My tilapia tacos with lime mayonnaise were featured on The Noble Pig. 

My slow-cooked ham in cider gravy is on Homemaking Hacks. 

I’ve got next week’s menu all figured out for you, with chipotle chicken stuffed sweet potatoes, copycat Chipotle barbacoa, zucchini and corn paninis, and more.  Check it out on!

Also on HLB: a new Savvy Blog Talk.  This month: categories v. tags!

A new winery review has been posted: Thirsty Owl Wine Company.

Recently on Examiner:

Psst. There is a giveaway for four full-size bags of Food Should Taste Good chips going on over at the Savvy Eats Facebook page.  Enter here!

Reading List

ReadingListJuly jpg

Photo (Clockwise, starting on the left): The view makes the hills on my training rides worth it. I’m a big fan of the bright pink bike shorts, instead of the usual black. The first black raspberries from the yard. Strawberry vodka!  Loving the single sparkly nail on each hand.

Reasons I Need to Get Some Popsicle Molds

Mango lassi popsicles from Shutterbean

Roasted strawberry and toasted coconut popsicles from Joy the Baker


Ways to Use Up Some Preserves

Jam in ice cream!! from Food Loves Writing

Limoncello gin cocktail from The Kitchn.  I guess I know how I’ll be using some of my limoncello!


For a Laugh

The My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter Pinterest board. You’ve probably already seen this, but if you haven’t, please go read about the adventures of Quinoa, Chevron and Pantone. 

Things we used to believe, via the Bloggess. For instance:“I thought the guards in The Wizard of Oz were chanting about Oreos.” Yup.  



Blueberry macaroon tart for a crowd from 5 second rule…I made this for our family reunion, and everyone seemed to enjoy it!

I will be making this Mexican street corn salad from Love and Lemons as soon as corn shows up at the Farmers’ Market.

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Madison jpg

Photo: If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you may have noticed that we spent last week in Wisconsin.  We spent Thursday In Madison, and it felt like we were coming home. 


8 Ways to Make Herbs the Star

Great tips for make-ahead mason jar salads.

I’m intrigued by this cookie technique. 



“I subscribe to the idea that working really hard and loving people better every day will get me where I want to be each day, week, month and year.” — Joy the Baker 

“[I]f you ask me, the days are all important ones. The times are all gifts.” — Food Loves Writing

“I thought about aiming for the middle. That comfortable place when momentum is behind you and you’re not thinking yet about the sprint to the finish. It’s when we fall into stride. Infuriatingly, despite anxiety of beginning, the only way to get there is by putting your head down, setting your shoulders, and simply do the work.” – Seven Spoons

A powerful post on depression from The Bloggess.



I always love Molly Wizenberg’s writing.

I never miss a post on Food Loves Writing. I’m really enjoying the Writer Chats posts!

There is some beautiful writing and poetry going on over at Eat This Poem.



I’ve got a new series on Healthy Living Blogs: A Savvy HLB Week! Each month, I’ll be creating a Savvy Weekly Menu based on one of HLB’s Recipe Wednesday link-ups…starting with one based on caramelized onions!

I’ve also written another Savvy Blog Talk post on one of my favorite web & smart phone applications: Get Pocket.

It’s been busy over on Examiner lately.  Some highlights: 

New winery review: Lucas Vineyards.

Check out my interview on healthy living with Cascade Ice.  

I recently joined Instagram. If you want to see pictures of food, puppies and board games, follow me!