Sushi Go!

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Sushi Go Box

Admittedly, I was initially interested in Sushi Go! because of the adorable artwork. Who knew wasabi and tempura could be so cute?  But we soon realized that the game is a nice easy game, great for both getting people into the gaming groove at the beginning of game night or wrapping things up at the end.

Note: Sushi Go! was recently purchased by GameWright. This is great for the creators, as the game will now have a wider distribution (it is difficult to find online for purchase at the moment), but they are changing the artwork a bit. It will still be cute, but with fewer bright colors.

The game is super simple to set up and learn. Within 10 minutes, you can shuffle the cards, read through the instructions, and be ready to go! 

Sushi Go Hand

Because you only use a small portion of the deck during each game, the hand composition and game strategy changes every time. Some rounds may have no pudding, or five puddings and no wasabi. You may start off collecting sashimi, only to realize after a few passes that there are only four sashimi in play this round, and your opponent has already played two…so do you take the last sashimi to keep your opponent from getting those 10 points, giving you both a big fat zero for sashimi, or let him take it and focus your efforts on making up for those lost points? These constant changes to strategy keep the game from turning stale or boring, because the cards are different every time.

Though Sushi Go! isn’t necessarily our favorite game, it is a quick and easy one we can pull out when we want to play a game but are tired or short on time. And like I said, the artwork is pretty darn cute.

Sushi Go Play


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Ticket to Ride + Welcome to Savvy Game Night

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Welcome to Savvy Game Night! At the end of last year, one of our friends posted on Facebook that she had just bought her 365th game, and that she could play a different game every single day in 2014 if she wanted to. As someone who has been blogging for the better part of 5 years, I immediately thought that would make a great blog concept – the Julie and Julia of board games, if you will. Which got my wheels turning… Dan’s and my collection is nowhere near the size of our friends’, but it does number close to 50. So while I can’t write about a game every day, I very nearly can review a different game every week. And so Savvy Game Night was born.

Ticket to Ride | Savvy Game Night

Dan and I have been having some long workdays lately, so some nights, we simultaneously want to play a board game to unwind and don’t have the energy to put much time or thought into it. Ticket to Ride has been one of our go-to games this month, partly because it is such a breeze to set up and get going.

Ticket to Ride | Savvy Game Night

There is definitely some strategy involved, as far as choosing tickets and which color train cards to collect. But very few decisions affect the rest of the game in any serious way, so you don’t have to constantly be thinking 5, 6 or 10 moves ahead, and one wrong move won’t destroy the rest of your game. The game remains lighthearted and fun, with maybe a tiny bit of deviousness, depending on the player. Like the time Dan cut off my ability to complete a 10-point ticket (not cool, honey). It wasn’t serious enough to keep me from winning!


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