Double Chocolate Waffles

These double chocolate waffles have a bit of melted dark chocolate in every bite. Have them as a snack or dessert, or spread them with peanut butter for a sweet breakfast treat!

Double Chocolate Waffles

I’m pretty proud of how my “stock the freezer before baby’s arrival” efforts are going. I’ll do a full update on everything I prepped in advance later, but so far we have lots of dinners ranging from butternut squash and pork lasagna to carnitas taquitos to chicken pot pie. We have a few snack-y items like raisin nut granola, and then a ton of waffles. Seriously, I can’t stop making waffles.  It feels like I should view that as a problem, because who seriously needs seven gallon bags of waffles in their freezer? At the same time, I just keep telling myself that we can have them for breakfast, dinner (we love breakfast-for-dinner!) and snacks, so the quantity isn’t a problem.  We’ll see how this pans out.

So far, I’ve frozen two batches of plain waffles, one of orange yogurt waffles and two of these double chocolate waffles. I know they sound more like dessert waffles, but if you spread them with some peanut butter for some protein and healthy fats, they can work for breakfast, too!

I made these for my first post as a Handle the Heat contributor. I’m so excited to be writing for Tessa on a monthly basis! Head on over to Handle the Heat to check out my double chocolate waffles recipe!

Here’s how to freeze waffles for later!

Organizing Your Kitchen with Vintage Finds



Hey friends! I’m guest posting over at Tidy Mom today – head on over to learn how I keep my kitchen and dining area organized using some of my favorite vintage finds (hint: those spoons are now apron hangers)!

Check it out now!

See you tomorrow with another new recipe and cookbook review!

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