Use It Up: Fruit Butter Waffles

Fruit Butter Waffles 2

I recently took inventory of my chest freezer and the shelves where we keep my canned goods.  As it turns out, we haven’t been eating nearly enough fruit preserves.  Or I made way too many.  Or a combination of the two.  Because I’m pretty sure we aren’t going to eat 15 half-pint jars of strawberry red wine jam before strawberries come into season again…though it is a challenge I’m certainly willing to take on!

So I’m playing with some new creative ways to use my preserves. We have a ton of apple and peach butters, so I’ve been playing around with a recipe for fruit butter waffles.  The first time around, they were too soft, almost crumbly.  Then they were tough and overly chewy.  And so on and so on, until I finally nailed down the texture I was going for.  Now, they are perfect: nice and fluffy, not at all dry, and with a subtle fruit flavor.

Here’s to delicious recipes using homemade fruit preserves.  Especially those that are easily frozen!

Fruit Butter Waffles


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