Use It Up: Marmalade-Glazed Shrimp Stir Fry

Marmalade Stir Fry

When I started brainstorming recipes for February’s Using Your Preserves theme, one of the first jars I pulled off of our canning shelves was a jar of lemon-lime marmalade. I love that marmalade, but to be honest, it doesn’t have as much flexibility as its orange counterparts, thanks to its intense citrus flavor. The last jar has been waiting patiently to be picked out and carried upstairs to the kitchen, and so I wanted to find a way to let that marmalade shine.

Lemon pairs nicely with ginger, so I decided to try using it in an Asian dish. After a little experimenting, I found that it made a great stir fry sauce, especially when paired with vegetables and shrimp.  I’ve now tried making the sauce with both the lemon-lime marmalade and blood orange marmalade, and the shrimp stir fry had the perfect balance of sweet-tart flavor each time.


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