Savvy Sewing: Stuffed Baby Elephants

Elephants 1
We’ve spent the last four days in Virginia, about 20 miles outside of D.C., visiting our friends Adam and Laura. There were lots of board games (of course): Agricola and Thunderstone, Seven Wonders and Bohnanza, Pandemic and Power Grid and Cards Against Humanity. I finally broke my week-plus-long losing streak (seriously, I could’t win a single game on our last three game nights) and won a round of Gloom.

To thank them for their hospitality, we came bearing gifts. For Adam and Laura, the two-person version of Agricola.  And for their first baby, expected in a few months, I sewed some little grey and white elephants using leftover quilt scraps and Heather Bailey’s Effie & Ollie Mini Elephants pattern.

Elephants 2

It was a bit of a challenge to sew some of the little parts (elephant tail, I’m looking at you), and I struggled to get the tip of the trunk to hold together, but it was still a quick project. I cut out the pieces for all three elephants at once, and each one took about 45 minutes to sew and stuff. I could easily get one done in an evening. And I think they turned out to be adorable, don’t you?

Pssst. The Effie & Ollie pattern link is an affiliate link. I only ever recommend products I truly love and use myself and think you will love too!

Elephant Tails