DIY Gift: Chai-Infused Sugar

This chai-infused sugar is the very definition of a “last minute homemade gift idea.” Crush some spices, mix them with some granulated sugar and pour it into a pretty little jar. Boom! You’re done!

Plus, this gift re-gives itself again and again. Just tell your lucky recipients to add more sugar now and then to the spices, and they will have a continuous supply of chai-infused sugar.

Chai-Infused Sugar // Savvy Eats #DIYGift #Chai #Recipe #FoodGifts

In case you haven’t picked up on it yet, I have a bit of a chai “problem.”

Well, some people would call it a problem. I call it a deep and abiding love.

I drink chai nearly every day, and I’m constantly brewing up ideas for new chai-flavored recipes (Ha! Brewing…see what I did there?)

This chai-infused sugar might actually be my first chai flavored recipe that doesn’t contain actual tea.  But, it is packed full of the spices that make chai what it is, which is really the most important part. Cinnamon, cardamom, pink peppercorns, ginger all come together to lend a warm spiciness to everything you might add this sugar to.

Personally, I’m loving it in my coffee on those days when I want a bit more caffeine, but am missing that chai spice flavor.   I also used it in these chai shortbread cookies (and skipped the vanilla and ground tea), and think it would be excellent in scones, brownies, or other cookies, too. I want to try it in hot cocoa next!

Plus, pack it in a pretty jar and you have a DIY food gift that feels decadent and fancy, but is super-simple to make. This gift would be perfect for tea & coffee lovers, creative bakers, and anyone else who is obsessed with all things chai.

Bonus! Once you strain the sugar, you can reuse the spices for another batch or two of sugar to get more bang for your buck. Which means you can make one batch for a gift, and keep one all for yourself.  It’s a win-win.

Chai-Infused Sugar #DIYGift #Chai #Recipe


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Vanilla Marshmallow Cream + 17 S’mores Desserts

Very Vanilla Marshmallow Cream | Savvy Eats

Spring and warm weather has been inching its way in lately, but there seems to be a bit of a tug-of-war going on between the seasons at the moment. One day, the weather is 70+ degrees and sunny, and everyone rushes to fling open the windows and dig out the sunglasses. And then the next day, the weather has dropped to 30 degrees, and that spring rain outside turns into a light flurry. Womp womp.

But now it has stayed warm-ish for at least a week, so I think it is safe to say that spring is here. Which means it is almost time to start up the bonfires again and to roast some marshmallows! Make some s’mores! Stay outside past 8 pm without needing 8 layers of clothing!

Very Vanilla Marshmallow Cream | Savvy Eats

So it was with s’mores on the brain that I started thinking about today’s recipe. I’ve made marshmallows plenty of times, but as we’ve discussed, they feel like such a wintery treat to me (Just me? Possibly.). But I’ve never made marshmallow cream. And think of all the summery things you can make with that! Frozen coffee, ice cream, semifreddo…the possibilities are endless.

As it turns out, making marshmallow cream is even easier than making marshmallows. So if you are intimidated by the candy-making process that goes into marshmallows, start here. You don’t have to worry about transferring everything to a pan lined with parchment and powdered sugar/cornstarch, which can admittedly be a sticky mess if you don’t work quickly enough. And while you are still aiming for your syrup mixture to get to a certain temperature, marshmallow cream is a little less picky – if you accidentally stop a few degrees short (hi, I’m impatient), your cream may be a little thinner, but it will still be delicious.

So let’s do this!


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