DIY Furniture Success

While I was in Chicago for the Healthy Living Summit, Dan discovered Significant Elements, a home improvement store that encourages restoration and reuse. He found a trunk that he thought would look good in our entryway, so we headed over there when I got home.

As you may recall, Dan moved to Ithaca in January, and I joined him here in June. How on earth did we not discover this place until August? The three-story shop is filled to the brim with furniture, old doors and window frames, kitchen cabinets, sink basins, scrap tiles, and more. I didn’t have my camera with me, but Young House Love posted some pictures from their visit!

We didn’t end up buying the trunk, but we ended up with some fun DIY projects, which we finally wrapped up last weekend. Living in “wine country” as we do, we’ve been looking for a wine rack ever since we moved. I found this piece in Significant Elements, which was clearly meant to be hung on the wall with other cabinets.


Dan had the brilliant idea of buying some scrap wood pieces and a cabinet that was the same size as the wine rack, and putting them all together to make a single stand-alone piece.


We sanded everything down, primed it, and painted it black.


Wine bottle and glass storage on the top.


Canned goods storage on the bottom.




Later, I’ll share our new storage bench, coat rack and shelves!


Do you have any fun DIY projects to share, big or small?