Let’s Paint!

Let’s play a game.

A game called “help Julie and Dan decide what color to paint their dining room.”

We’ve narrowed our choices down to gold or green, but can’t decide between the two. Or which shade of gold to go with, should we choose it over green.

Option 1:


Option 2:


Option 3:


Option 4:


Please disregard the fact that you can see the wallpaper pattern below the paint colors.

And if it makes a difference, you will be able to see our red couch through that doorway on the right.

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The House. Our House.

This weekend was very laid back. The best part of the weekend? Visiting our house to take measurements and photos!

So instead of the usual Scenes from the Weekend post, I thought I’d share some pictures of our favorite features in our soon-to-be home. 🙂


Hello, bay window. We love you.


The dining room (and the whole house, really) has some GORGEOUS wood work. But the wallpaper has to go. We’re trying to decide between yellow and green for the wall color….leaning towards yellow!


We’re loving the built-in cabinets in the dining room.

The fridge + freezer has so much space and will be so much easier to organize than our current one!


Dan is especially excited for the dishwasher, since our deal is typically “Julie cooks, Dan cleans up.” 😉


These pretty white shelves are going to be perfect for displaying all my glass jars and bulk bins.


The kitchen appliances are all pretty new, and I’ve never seen a stove with 5 burners!


We’re thinking of storing our bikes in this space by the front door, under the stairs, for easy access.


Another bay window. This is going to be the office/crafting room, and is the room I’m most excited to decorate and set-up. Except for maybe the kitchen. Not a huge fan of the wall color, so I think we’re going to repaint the room blue.


Great wall color + walk-in closet in the bedroom.


Another big closet in the guest room. But the wall colors have to go.


The laundry room is big, bright and cheery, and on the second floor. It has some great cabinets, too. Want to know why? The house used to be split into two apartments, so what is now the laundry room used to be the upstairs kitchen! See the oven hood above the dryer?


Great deck for lounging and grilling, with a fenced in yard for Max.


Excited about the yard space + flower boxes on the deck for the Savvy Garden!


We need to replace the broken windows, but having a garage will be nice!

So there you have it. An intro to our soon-to-be house. Exciting, no?

What did you do this weekend?