Apple Butter Glazed Sweet Potatoes

Apple butter glazed sweet potatoes with a touch of spice make a great side for weeknight dinners and holiday feasts alike. They’ll be perfectly at home on your Thanksgiving table!

Apple Butter Glazed Sweet Potatoes //

If you looked in the basket where we store our potatoes at any given time this fall, you might have seen a Yukon gold or purple potato or two. That is, if you could find them under the piles of sweet potatoes I’ve been keeping on hand. I just can’t get enough of those starchy tubers lately!

For a quick weeknight dinner, I’ll pan-roast some sweet potatoes and mix them with this fresh chorizo that my favorite farmer makes. And of course, the occasional batch of sweet potato fries goes into my oven. But when I already have an entree set and just want a starchy side to go with it, this glazed sweet potato recipe is my new favorite.

Apple Butter Glazed Sweet Potatoes // Savvy Eats

Apple butter is my go-to preserve to use in fall cooking and baking. It features all of the warming spices we associate with Thanksgiving and crisp, cool weather and falling leaves. Plus, it adds a little sweetness without being overpowering. This means that in baked goods, like apple hand pies, you can get a more complex flavor than you would with just granulated or brown sugar. And in savory dishes, mixing in some apple butter makes for a brighter, more well-rounded flavor in the final dish.

Bowl of Apple Butter Glazed Sweet Potatoes //

While we’ve been enjoying this apple butter-glazed sweet potato recipe with many of our weeknight dinners, I also think they’d be great for Thanksgiving as an alternative to the more traditional sweet potato casserole. Think about it: they are still sweet and buttery, with that comforting flavor you’d expect from your favorite Thanksgiving dishes, but they are a nice deviation from the marshmallow-topped whipped potatoes. I imagine they’d be excellent next to a big serving of turkey, a few spoonfuls of wineberry salad or cranberry sauce, and a scoop of brussels sprouts, don’t you think?

Ginger Glazed Carrots

GingerCarrots title3 Things seem to be on the upswing over here, and I am ever-so-grateful for that.

For one thing, my office is slowly but surely coming together, and it is almost complete.  I feel so much better having a clean, organized workspace.  Plus, I found an unexpected bonus of my new window seat… it it will serve as a perfect winter photography station as well. Case in point: these carrots? Photographed on the window seat.

For another thing, 30 Days of the Little Things seems to be exactly what I needed in this season. Something about truly taking the time to notice the little things every day has, as cheesy as it sounds, lifted my spirits for sure.  Most days, I even find multiple Little Things to stop and appreciate.

Finally, there has been a lot of quality creative planning going on in these parts, both for Savvy Eats and the Healthy Living Summit. I can’t wait to share what we have in store on both sites for 2014!

Now, let’s talk about why these carrots are awesome:

1.  They are quick to make, and can be served warm or cold.

2.  They only require a little time on the stovetop.  Not taking up valuable oven space = Thanksgiving perfection.

3.  They can easily be made more or less spicy by simply changing the amount of ginger.  Picky eaters at your holiday table? No problem, just back off on the quantity of ginger!

4.  The leftovers are amazing with leftover turkey + some sliced avocado.  Trust me on this one.  The sweet-spicy carrots with the creamy avocado and savory turkey (or chicken) = match made in heaven.

Only two weeks to go until Thanksgiving. Let’s do this!   GingerCarrots … 

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