12 Ways to Put Up Strawberries

The “our strawberries are ready!” notifications have been pouring in from all my favorite U-Pick farms this week. I’m off to New York City this morning to see some friends, but you better believe that one of the first things I’m doing when I get back is packing up my containers and basket to go pick some strawberries. I’m brewing up some ideas for new-to-me strawberry preserves, but I’m also definitely going to be making some of my old favorites as well: strawberry vodka and strawberry red wine jam are at the top of my list. Here are some other ideas to get you started on putting up your strawberries:


How to freeze strawberries

Strawberry Vodka on Savvy Eats


Strawberry basil vodka via Foodie with Family

Strawberry bourbon via Cookie + Kate

Strawberry vodka

Strawberry Preserves on savvyeat.com


Rhubarb strawberry jam via Kitchen Simplicity

Strawberry balsamic jam via Healthy Delicious (note: this one is for refrigerating and using within a few weeks)

Strawberry caramel sauce via Simple Bites/Food in Jars

Strawberry chipotle preserves via Local Kitchen

Strawberry cinnamon preserves

Strawberry lemon marmalade via Our Northern Homestead

Strawberry red wine jam

Strawberry vanilla jam via Food in Jars

How are you putting up your strawberries?

Strawberry Vodka Collins + 16 More Spring Cocktails

Strawberry Vodka Collins

Let’s talk spring cocktails. Sure, you could serve wine or beer at your next dinner party, but if you really want to elevate your gathering, try serving a signature cocktail. For spring and summer, you’ll want to choose a drink that is crisp and refreshing – nothing too heavy or warming, like you’d choose for a winter holiday party.

In the warmer months, I tend towards gin- and vodka-based cocktails. When it comes to mixers, I often swap out warming ginger beer for club soda (though a Moscow Mule, in all its lime and ginger glory, is always appropriate). And since so much produce is in season this time of year, adding a little fruit to a cocktail is an easy way to add a little spark of flavor.

In this vodka collins, fresh strawberries are muddled and mixed with bubbly club soda, a sweet-tart lime syrup and vodka. Cheers!


Strawberry Vodka Collins… 

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