Use It Up: Strawberry Jam Whipped Cream

Strawberry jam whipped cream is simple to make, and tastes just like strawberry ice cream! 
Strawberry Whipped Cream | Savvy EatsEver since February,  I have not been able to stop thinking about new and creative ways to use my preserves. I’ve made oat bars filled with raspberry preserves and glazed a ham steak with pepper jelly. In Jamaica, we had a brick oven pizza that used a mango jam in place of tomato sauce for a Hawaiian pizza, and now I can’t stop thinking about using marmalade or chutney on a grilled pizza. I want to make jam-swirled scones and glazed pork tenderloin, jam milkshakes and apple butter-filled cake.

For today, I’m keeping it simple. Whipping cream, while not exactly a pantry staple, is certainly a nice staple to keep on hand in your refrigerator. It takes less than 10 minutes to beat it into fluffy submission, and then you have sweet whipped cream to top cakes, ice cream, waffles or hot chocolate.  Here, I’ve whisked in a few tablespoons of strawberry jam, turning the plain whipped cream into an airy strawberry ice cream copycat.

Serve it on waffles with some peanut butter. Scoop it on top of chocolate ice cream. Spoon a thick layer on top of hot chocolate. Or, you know, just eat it by the spoonful.  Dessert is ready!


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Use It Up: Jam-Glazed Chicken Wings

Jam-Glazed Chicken Wings

I’ve never been one for chicken wings, bone-in or boneless.  They have just always felt like so much work and so much mess for so little meat. But these chicken wings are worth the mess, for sure. I mean, they are glazed with strawberry jam.  Or peach jam. Or whatever other jam you have on hand. But still, jam on chicken wings! The jam provides just the right amount of sticky sweetness, which is tempered by the tart lemon juice and smoky paprika.

Now, I know that chicken wings are usually fried. But a) I was looking to make these a little bit healthier and b) frying is a bit too much work for a weeknight dinner.  So instead, I marinated the wings in the jam-based sauce, tossed them on a hot grill pan, and brushed them with some more jam. Easy and done.

Let’s do this!… 

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