Savvy Cookbooks: Quick Bread Love

Quick Bread Love

I’m so excited about Quick Bread Love, the new eCookbook from Stephanie of Girl Versus Dough! It is all about quick breads, one of my favorite foods to serve for snacks or brunch. The book has 31 recipes, ranging from sweet to savory to scones and coffee cakes, and each has a gorgeous full-page photo to go with it. I’m especially excited about the lemon crumb loaf (that gorgeous bread on the cover!), the asiago & roasted garlic skillet bread, the s’mores muffins (see below) and the chocolate hazelnut swirl coffee cake. I can’t decide which one to make first! Oh, and the espresso chip pumpkin bread is definitely getting bookmarked for autumn!

Smores Muffins

There are three Quick Bread Love packages available, from the straight-up eBook ($8) up to the Baker Extraordinaire Package ($15), which includes a bonus mini-eCookbook, printable recipe cards, a baking cheat sheet, desktop and smartphone wallpapers, and a tutorial video!

I highly recommend this eCookbook if you love quick breads, enjoy Stephanie’s other recipes on Girl Versus Dough, or want to try some new breakfast/snack/dessert recipes! I give it…

5 out of 5 stars.



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Pineapple Ginger Stir-Fry Sauce

Pineapple Ginger Stir Fry Sauce | Savvy Eats

I really, really wanted to share a curry paste recipe with you today. Massaman curry is my second-favorite Thai dish to order (after pad Thai), but they don’t carry the pre-made paste at Wegman’s. Since it is pantry staple month, I thought, why not make my own curry paste to keep on hand at all times? I want to make my own massaman curry!

But it just wasn’t meant to be. First, the produce section was completely out of fresh lemongrass (though they did have galangal in addition to regular ginger, so score one for Wegman’s). I figured I could maybe make due with canned in the meantime, but then they also didn’t have any Thai/bird chiles. Again, I could have substituted with something else, but making two giant substitutions seemed like a terrible idea, destined to leave me with a disappointing final curry.

So I scratched the whole idea, and started thinking stir fry instead. While we were in Jamaica, Dan and I drank fresh pineapple juice every morning with breakfast. It is so much more mellow than orange juice, the tang of which I don’t always love first thing in the morning. In an attempt to replicate our relaxing Jamaican mornings, we bought a bottle of pineapple juice the other day, but it just wasn’t the same (is it ever?). But it is still sweet and fruity, with just a little tartness, and I thought it would be perfect for a new stir fry sauce.

We used this pineapple ginger sauce with a steak and veggie stir fry (similar to my spring steak stir-fry), but it would also be great with a chicken or pork stir fry too.


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