Spiced Apple Butter

Apple Butter on savvyeat.com

It had been far too long. I made apple butter last month for the first time since 2010. It isn’t that I don’t like apple butter- far from it. Apple butter is one of the easiest preserves to use in cooking and baking. Its smooth texture allows it to melt right into whatever you’re cooking, leaving behind a warm spiced flavor and a subtle sweetness.

No, the reason it had been so long is that I majorly overdid it four autumns ago. I was new to canning, and fruit butter was so accessible as a beginner. So I made batch after batch of every kind of fruit butter I could think of – peach, blueberry, cherry and of course, apple. It was enough to last us for at least two years. Between that and the shelf-full of applesauce I made that fall, I just got completely burnt out on apple preserves. As a result, I skipped them entirely last year even though our supply was close to depletion.

By the beginning of this summer, I was back to missing smooth silky apple butter, so I chose to make a fresh batch for a recipe.com freelance piece. The recipe is based off of one from Betty Crocker and I have to say, I like it better than the one I made back in 2010. It has just the right level of fall spices so that it is flavorful without being overwhelming, and the sweeting is subtle enough that the apples can shine through.

Get the apple butter recipe here!

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10 Ways to Use Fall Preserves

I’m keeping it simple with a round-up today. The recipe I was originally testing for today was a total bust and therefore a total bummer, because I loved the idea of it! I’ll probably get back to it eventually (hello, pumpkin butter, I want to use you in everything), but in the meantime, let’s talk about 10 awesome ways to use your favorite fall preserves:

Chicken apple flatbread // savvyeat.com

Apple butter bars with walnut oat crumble via Mind Over Batter. The walnut and oat crumble takes these bars to a whole other level.

Apple butter BBQ potato salad via Chocolate Moosey. We still get the occasional warm days that call for a cookout at this time of year. This bacon, corn and scallion-packed potato salad sounds like a good side for those fall grilling sessions!

Apple butter snickerdoodles via Crazy for Crust. Pump up the cinnamon flavor in snickerdoodles with a hefty dose of apple butter!

Apple spice granola. Granola infused with all the flavors of fall…what’s not to love?

Chicken apple butter flatbread. Use apple butter in place of pizza sauce for a fall-inspired flatbread.

Fruit butter waffles. Tender and slightly sweet, thanks to the fruit butter in the batter (I like to use apple butter, but peach butter is good too!). Make a batch of these and freeze them for quick weekday breakfasts.

Pear Ginger Crisp // savvyeat.com

Pear ginger crisp. Super simple and ready to go in just about a half hour. I’m obsessed with this dessert lately!

Pumpkin butter bars via Baked Bree. Who doesn’t enjoy a good pumpkin bar? Nobody, that’s who.

Pumpkin butter thumbprint cookies via The Kitchen Prep. You can’t go wrong with a good thumbprint cookie!

Sweet and spicy chicken thighs via A Southern Fairy Tale. Chipotle peppers bring the spicy, while apple butter brings the sweet.

What’s your favorite way to use apple butter, pumpkin butter, applesauce or pear preserves?